Cheap Fixed Gear Bike Frames:

Cheap Fixie Frames That Work

Cheap Fixed Gear Bike FramesCredit: Krzysztof Blachnicki, Wikimedia Commons

Fixed gear bicycles are a lot of fun to work on, tinker with, and basically put together and take apart. Since they're mechanically quite straightforward, it is fairly easy for even a beginner bike mechanic to tinker and customize their ride. Finding cheap fixed gear bike frames can be one of the biggest challenges to any custom build, and this article is intended to help solve that problem. 

We will look at a few options for cheap fixed gear bike frames, and offer some tips and suggestions towards getting rolling with a limited budget. We'll look at a few examples of good, cheap fixie bike frames for sale, and review what to look for if you want to branch out on your own. 

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What To Look For In Fixie Bike Frames

Cheap Fixed Gear Bike Frames

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There are a lot of cheap bicycle frames for sale out there, and if you're searching specifically for a fixie bike frame, you'll want to be careful that it meets the requirements of your ride. 

First off, make sure that you have either track or horizontal rear dropouts. Look at the included photo to get an idea of what I'm talking about. In order to set the chain tension on your bicycle, you'll need to have a bit of room to slide the fixed gear wheel back and forth. Most older road bike frames will have reasonably long horizontal dropouts, making them ideal for repurposing into a fixie. Purpose built track frames will have track fork ends; technically they are not dropouts at all. Either way, make sure that your cheap fixed gear bike frame meets this requirement or you'll be out of luck. 

Secondly, if you're planning to have brakes, make sure your fixie bike frame has the proper setup to run cable housings and hook up a brake, both front and rear. Many purpose built track bicycles don't have brakes, so the frames don't include the capability to install them. If you plan to run brakes (highly recommended), ensure that your frame can handle it. 

Lastly, be careful of frame geometry. Your cheap fixed gear bike frame shouldn't be too relaxed in its riding position. You want an aggressive, road bike stance, or you won't have the power to get up those big hills. Part of what makes a fixie unique is the aggressive, minimalist frame geometry and layout, so make sure your fixed gear bicycle frame will work. 

KHS Flite Track / Fixie Bike Frame

Cheap Fixie Frames

KHS Flite Fixed Gear Bicycle FrameCredit:

KHS is a really good bicycle manufacturer, and the Flite is a really great deal when it comes to 'ready to use' track frames. It looks beautiful right out of the box, and comes with a front fork. The Flite is a Chromoly frame in flat black, and it's front brake ready. It's double butted and very strong, yet light. 

As cheap fixie frames go it's about all you could ask for. The fork ends ensure you'll be able to tension your chain properly, and you could easily strip and paint it if you desired a different color. It's around $240 on Amazon.

Origin 8 Alu-Track Fixed Gear Bike Frame:

Cheap Fixie Frames

Origin 8 Alu-Track Cheap Fixie Bike FrameCredit:

The Origin 8 Alu-Track is a cheap fixie frame that's really attractive and nicely put together. It's a hydroformed aluminum frame, meaning that the downtube is nice and oversized for a beefy and modern look. It is light and very strong, and comes with a front fork. One of the coolest features about this frame is its unique double top tube design. 

With fork ends, this bike is a serious consideration for anyone who wants to get into track racing. It comes with an integrated headset, meaning you save even more on components. The sleek black frame can be repainted to anything you want, though it looks good as is. Get a nice set of wheels for this fixed gear bicycle frame and you're rolling in no time! It's around $200 on Amazon.