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Fixie Bikes, For Cheap

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If you're a cycling enthusiast, or if you live in a bigger city, you're probably familiar with fixed gear bicycles. They are fun and fast ways to get around the city, and they look great too! Famous for clean lines, simplistic design and sometimes having no brakes, fixies are quite popular nowadays, particularly among bicycle messengers (where the subculture began). 

Due to the fact that these bikes are dirt simple, it's relatively easy to find cheap fixed gear bikes for sale, either online or locally. Since they don't have gears, derailleurs, cable housing, and other elements of more complex rides, they can be pretty affordable.

This article is all about cheap fixed gear bikes for sale, and where you can find them locally. We'll look at a few popular brands that I consider to be fantastic deals. We'll look at the pros and cons of these lower budget fixies, and hopefully it will help you with your purchase decision.

Schwinn Men's Courier Fixed Gear Bike

Cheap Fixed Gear Bikes For Sale

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As I mentioned before, there are some fantastic deals out there from really reputable brands, and this is an example of that. Schwinn is a reliable and high quality brand name, and you can read customer reviews and testimonials to back that up. In the Men's Courier bike, they have a solid framework for a new fixie rider to get acquainted with the ride.

This cheap fixed gear bike has an aluminum frame and forks for low weight while maintaining frame rigidity and strength. It comes with a singlespeed 700c wheelset, with double-walled rims for added strength. It doesn't come with a fixed gear cog, but it has a flip-flop hub, meaning you can have both a fixed and a freewheel side on your wheel, depending on your riding style. 

The bullhorn handlebars are attractive and comfortable, and the dual brakes are an excellent idea. Though many people feel you should ride brakeless, I think you should always have at least one brake on the bike for safety, especially if you're a newer rider. Either way, with all the extras included here, this is a cheap fixed gear bike that's a steal of a deal at around $279.

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SE Bicycles Lager Fixed Gear Bicycle

Cheap Fixed Gear Bikes For Sale

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SE Bicycles is a well known brand in the fixed gear realm. They've got a very unique look and they've really carved out a niche for themselves with 'urban styled' cheap fixies for sale. Their look is really attractive, and the Lager is no exception. (They're also famous for naming bike brands after different types of beer).

The Lager (the Lager Advanced is shown in the picture above) is constructed with a chromoly frame for great strength, low weight and resiliency. The flip-flop hub gives you some options depending on where you're riding, and the dual brakes that come with it are a nice bonus. The 40" bullhorn bars are attractive and comfortable to ride with. Pedal straps mean you won't lose your footing while you tear around the city. 

The SE Lager is a fantastic option and a very attractive bike. Priced at only around $400, it's really reasonable too. Most other SE models run quite a bit more expensive than that!

To check out the SE Bicycles Lager fixed gear, click here

State Bicycle Co. - The Benji Fixed Gear Bicycle

Cheap Fixed Gear Bicycles For Sale

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State Bicycle Co. is an up and coming fixed gear exclusive brand, and they're really gaining momentum due to their excellent production standards, low prices and stunningly beautiful fixies for sale. They offer a wide range of attractive, cheap fixed gear bikes for sale at a very reasonable range of prices.

Most of their bikes are produced and equipped similarly, so I chose one at random to look at. The Benji is a beautiful fixie with bullhorn bars and gold finish, including the deep v wheelset, seatpost, and crankset. The frame is TIG-welded chromoly, as are the forks, resulting in a rigid, light and efficient frame. They come with a front brake and toe cages to keep your feet from slipping, so there's a real value in this bike. There is a flip-flop hub for fixed or freewheel riding depending on your preferences.

The best thing about State Bicycle Co. bikes is the fact that they are stunningly beautiful rides. Each one is unique in look, so you can definitely choose one to suit your personal preference quite easily. They have a strong reputation, and they're among the cheapest fixed gear bikes you can find.

Motobecane Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

Cheap Fixed Gear Bike For Sale

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The Motobecane Track is an example of a cheap fixed gear bike for sale from Bikes Direct .com. They are a fantastic retailer of low cost fixies and inexpensive road and mountain bikes to boot. They save money by buying in bulk from reputable bike distributors, and their products all review quite well.

In particular, the Motobecane Track is a fine ride for many reasons. First, Motobecane is a French brand with a really great reputation. Their components are quality and craftsmanship is excellent. The bike has a butted chromoly frame, a flip-flop rear hub, and an aluminum crankset for low weight. It doesn't come with a freewheel, but at $279 with free US shipping, you can certainly afford to buy one after the fact.

Best of all, this is an example of a cheap fixie for sale that doesn't compromise on the minimalist philosophy of the style. I highly recommend this great brand, check them out at Bikes Direct website!

Fixie Bikes for Cheap

Tons of Other Options

These are just a handful of the great fixed gear bicycles for cheap you can find. I do highly recommend sticking with well known brands and reputable companies when you buy. There are a lot of 'no name' bikes out there, and they are to be avoided. 

If you've got a tight budget, check out this article on the five best cheap fixie bikes under $300 here.

Read customer reviews for a first-hand understanding of what people think of these bikes and others. And, if you do buy a fixed gear bicycle online and it arrives in a box, make sure it's properly put together before you ride it, even if that means bringing it in to a bike shop for assembly.

Good Luck!