Cheap Flights To Boise make traveling to Idaho's capital city more affordable than ever. Regardless of why you're traveling to Boise, it's possible to find some incredible deals on air fare from pretty much anywhere in America - and for that matter, the world.

Boise's main commercial airport, known simply as "Boise Airport" or "BOI" in airline speak, is a full-service airport, complete with plenty of runway to land in all but the biggest of airliners. Of course the big jet airliners rarely land in Boise, simply because there aren't enough people traveling too and from Boise to warrant the cost of such a large jet.

Just because the huge airliners don't touch down on the Boise tarmac doesn't mean you're stuck with those smaller, propeller-driven commuter planes. Boeing 737s, Airbus a320s and many other full-scale commercial jetliners touch down and take off nearly every minute.

But enough about the technical specs, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are some of the major airlines that offer services through the Boise Airport, coupled with ways to save money with each carrier. If you're planning a trip to Boise, be sure to check out each airline's website for special offers, as many do put out special low cost trips to Boise.

Cheap Flights To Boise On Southwest Airlines

Is there anywhere that Southwest doesn't fly? Even though Southwest is often considered a regional airline, it's very much a national player. It offers amazingly low prices to pretty much anywhere in America, Boise included. While Southwest doesn't offer the high-priced amenities you'd find on the "bigger" airlines (like first class seating), it does offer pretty much the lowest prices available.

Southwest maintains a huge fleet of Boeing 737s, in fact that's all the company flies. No crammed commuter jets or piston-driven, noisy, propeller planes here. The 737 is a fully capable jet airliner that offers the speed, comfort and safety of a major commercial jet.

Looking for a cheap flight to Boise on Southwest? Visit the company's website. Southwest recently pulled out of discount travel sites like Expedia, so don't bother looking at those places. But the upside is that the company is saving money by not participating in those brokerage sites, and passes the savings on to its passengers through even cheaper flights.

Cheap Flights To Boise On Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines, and its subordinate commuter line, Horizon Airlines, are mainstays at the Boise Airport. Even though these companies aren't considered "top tier" airlines, it doesn't mean you'll arrive any later or sacrifice quality along the way. In fact, most higher-priced airlines can't compete with Alaska or Horizon in terms of frequency of flights to Boise or airline ticket prices.

Alaska Airlines maintains a fleet of 737s, but also dabbles in other small planes, so if you're traveling in from a smaller airport, Alaska or Horizon is probably your best bet. The bigger carriers rarely waste their time sending small planes into small airports, so folks coming from smaller towns would be completely out of luck if it weren't for Alaska.

Personally, I've flown on Horizon Airlines several times, flying a Dash 8 turbo prop each time. While noisier than a traditional jet, I didn't notice anything of "lesser quality." Each flight was comparable in flight time to that of a 737, and the airline staff was very friendly. When I get the chance to fly to Boise, I almost always check the Horizon Airlines website, because they often offer cheaper flights to Boise than anybody - including Southwest!

Cheap Flights To Boise On Delta Airlines

Delta is the world's biggest airlines, and does service the Boise Airport, usually via smaller commercial jets like the Boeing 737 and Airbus a320; though it does send several smaller turboprop planes in under its connector flight monikers. Like all major airlines, Delta offers several "step up" services that the aforementioned airlines don't, such as full-service meals and available first-class seating.

Unfortunately, those amenities come at a price - in many case, a very steep price. I recently flew to and from Boise on Delta and ended up paying almost three times what I would have paid for a comparable ticket on Southwest. Fortunately I didn't check any baggage, or I would have paid more (as Delta - and most major carriers) charge luggage fees.

Thankfully I wasn't paying for this flight. But if I had of been, I would have chosen another airline. However, Delta does offer some great deals on its website, particularly if seats haven't filled up. When the business minds at the major companies realize that something is better than nothing, they often offer steep discounts on last-minute tickets.

Keep in mind that Delta rarely flies direct out of Boise, so unless you're traveling to Salt Lake International Airport or Denver International Airport, you'll probably end up at one of those places anyway to pick up another connecting flight.

Cheap Flights To Boise On United Airlines

United Airlines is another major carrier, and does offer connecting services to Boise. That does mean you'll be connecting up at another major airport (like Delta). United seems to fly the biggest planes into the Boise Airport, and I don't know why. It's not uncommon to watch 757s and even wide body 767s fly in and out of Boise with the United logo on the tail fins.

I'm assuming these larger planes are used for longer routes, as they don't make financial sense to operate on short hops - but I've never flown direct in or out of Boise on a United jet. So I'm not sure why they bring the big jets in, because it doesn't seem to translate to longer, direct routes.

United Airlines offers cheap flights to Boise on its company website and also through discount ticket hubs like Expedia. Oddly, many deals on Expedia aren't available on the United website, and the other way around. I've never understood this. But if you're looking for a cheap flight to Boise on United Airlines, be sure to check both sites.

Cheap Flights To Boise On Charter Planes

The Charter Airline industry has boomed recently, thanks largely to the declining traditional airlines, and many people find that chartering their own plane makes much more sense than flying commercial. If you are booking flights for large groups of people, or need an emergency flight to Boise, a charter flight might be your best course of action.

Charter flights come in two main flavors: Large jumbo jets and smaller, more intimate planes. Many charter companies fly 737s in and out of Boise all the time, particularly for large groups of people, such as sports teams, company retreats and the like.

On the other hand, business executives who need a direct flight to or from Boise may choose a business-class charter, which could include very fast turbo prop planes or even executive jets.

I'd call the Jackson Air Terminal for more information regarding charter flights, as I've never booked one.

But regardless of what airline you fly, it is possible to find some cheap flights to Boise if you're willing to look.