Many people who are in search of cheap flights to Dubai know that the place is a Middle Eastern wonderland.

Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi in fact is often regarded as one of the world’s hottest playgrounds, both literally and figuratively – so much so - people want to know how to get cheap flights to Dubai. Accommodations to this United Arab Emirates' country including hotels and other leisure often aren’t inexpensive, which is why the flights alone combined with everything else are cost prohibitive.

Here Are Some Tips for a Cheap Flight to Dubai

1.  Travel During Off Season:

 While it starts to get really cold in North America and most of Europe during November through February-it’s a warm comfortable temperature in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) for countries like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  In fact the average temperature during this traveling peak season, ranges from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 20 degrees Celsius).  So if you like it hot, or the heat is of little consequence to you, then travel to the U.A.E during April to October for absolutely cheap flights to Dubai. Be reminded that tours to the desert like fun camel rides may not be ideal, given the higher temperatures during the summer which nearly double to hotter than 40 degrees Celsius or (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Also remember that during the low travel Dubai season in the scorching heat, there is still plenty to do like ice skating in the Dubai mall or going to the local bazaar in the early morning hours before it really heats up.Dubai

 2. Consider Traveling during Ramadan: the Biggest Islamic Holiday:  

One of the best ways to also find cheap flights to Dubai is during Ramadan, one of the biggest Islamic holidays of the country.  Because the Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles which vary yearly, it’s important to remember that to get a cheaper fair to Dubai; you’ll have to be mindful that Ramadan is not the same date every year. They are:  August 1 - August 30 (2011) , July 20 - August 19 (2012), July 9 - August 7 (2013), June 28 - July 27 (2014).

And even though you are typically able to secure cheaper flights to Dubai during Ramadan, it’s important to be mindful and respectful of the holiday, particularly if you aren’t Muslim practicing Islam as many shops and eateries observe Ramadan and are not open to the public during their daily fasts. In fact it is often illegal to eat or drink in public from sunrise to sunset.  However, once the fast is broken in the evening, there are usually quite a few of lively festivals and fun activities with good food.

3.  Fly Directly Out of “Focus Cities” or mini-hubs of  U.A.E. airlines:

 It is often additionally cheaper when you observe flying during Ramadan and off seasons, as well as out of focus cities or mini hubs of U.A.E. airlines for deeply discounted or cheap flights to Dubai. These mini- hubs include: Melbourne Airport, Bangkok Airport, Sydney Airport or Singapore Changi Airport. It’s important to note that mini-hubs aren’t major hub cities. They fly typically non-stop and operate less frequently than major hubs.

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4. Look for Package Holidays to Dubai: 

Finding package holidays is important for most trips aborad and localy and Dubai is really no different. When you are able to combine airfare, car and hotel, you are often able to get really competitive rates.

 Follow these tips and you will get dirt cheap flights to Dubai.