Summer is coming up, and now is the time to start shopping for flip flops for men. Flip flops also known as thong sandals are always in style for men to wear. Whether you're on the beach a lot this summer, a summer surfer, or you're just in need of a decent summer footwear, then flip flops look good on any guys feet. Finding the best ones for cheap prices, and flip flop thong sandals that feel comfortable to wear can be the trick. Particularly if you require proper arch support in your footwear because of pronation or supination. Wearing most sandals can be somewhat discomforting. There are plenty of really nice cheap flip flips for men in stores and online. Down below are a few recommended black, white, brown, and cheap flip flops for men for those who require proper arch support.

Men's Black Flip Flops

Teva Mush Flip Flop Thong SandalsCredit: Brass Pro Shops

Black flip flops are very popular and look good on any man's feet. It's not too hard to find cheap men's black flip flops. The Teva Mush Flip Flop Thong Sandals for Men is a pretty simple flip flop thong sandal. It's completely decked out in black, and goes for retail prices around $25 dollars. It's a very humble looking sandal for men to wear. The black thong sandal can make men of all ages feel sophisticated and comfortable in. Highly recommended to wear since it features an EVA foam bed. Any quality sandal that provides comfort will using feature the EVA foam for proper cushioning support. It's one of the highest rated flip flops for men. Customers enjoy the comfort, the fit, and cushioning support it provides for the arch of the foot. The topsole is very soft and squishy. A good sandal that can be worn while surfing, on the beach, or just for casual wear. It's an all around solid cheap black thong sandal for men of all ages.



Teva Mush Flip Flop Thong Sandals for Men

Teva - Original Mush - Men's
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Leather Flip Flops for Men

If you're shopping for cheap leather flip flops for men, then you should checkout the Chaco Leather Flip Men's Shoes. These normally aren't extremely cheap flip flops for men. Usually they go for about $70 dollars at retail. However, there's a pretty good discount going for these leather sandals online at for just $24 dollars. The only problem is they're only available in size 7. However, at Amazon they're also going for sale, but they cost over $50 dollars. Still a good deal for a quality leather flip flop.


Chaco Leather Flip Men's Shoes

Chaco Men's Flip Thong
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These are the ultimate leather flip flops to wear. The topsole provides a very comfortable supple leather. Your feet will never feel as comfortable when supple leather is provided on the topsole for your forefoot. Best yet it comes with the proper heel support for those who are prone to plantar fasciitis. Highly recommended for men who require extra comfort for their feet. It's received a 89% rating for arch support. You can't beat the prices going for these extremely comfortable and popular thong sandals.

Brown Flip Flops for Men

Highly recommended cheap brown flip flips for men would be Havaianas. Havaianas are one of the most popular thong sandals for men to buy. They're very cheap to purchase as well. The Havaians 'Brazil' Flip Flop is completely made with rubber from the top sole, to the midsole, and to the outsole of the sandal. It features a pretty good width for those with wider feet. The overall fitting is pretty solid as well. Customers seem satisfied with the soft thong, the dark brown color, and the casual fit. The dark brown Havaianas don't cost anymore than $25 dollars.

Havaians 'Brazil' Flip Flop

Havaianas Men's Brasil Flip Flop
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The Best Flip Flops with Arch Support for Men

You always need to worry about buying sandals that will provide proper comfort to the arch of your foot. Overall, most sandals aren't exactly that comfortable to wear. The outsoles usually aren't tough enough to withstand walking on rougher terrains. Beach sandals are okay to wear on the beach. However, if you're thinking about wearing thong sandals for casual wear, then you'd love something that your feet will feet comfortable in, and stronger midsoles and outsoles that can walk on rougher terrains.

Most flip flops for men with top notch arch support aren't cheap. Some of the cheapest ones you'll find are  Moszkito men's thongs sandals. The Moszkito Driller Men's Flip Flop Arch Support Sandal goes for prices under $50 dollars. The midsole and outsole features the soft, tough, and flexible EVA. It will support numerous of alignments that include heel pain, back pain, ankle pain, knee pain, and arch pain. The straps are very soft and keep the feet stabilized, and help to prevent pronation.

Another highly recommended cheap thong sandal for men with arch support is the New Balance 6007 N-Tense Men's Flip Flop. One of the better brands to shop by when it comes to footwear. Their entire line of products supports proper comfort and support of the entire forefoot. Their straps are made with a very soft synthetic suede. The ultimate comfort for any man who has sensitive feet and ankles.

New Balance 6007 N-Tense Men's Flip Flop

Men's New Balance Flip Flops "N-Tense" - Black/Charcoal
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