Buying cheap floor rugs in Australia is not very hard if you know what to look for and where to look for it. The discount floor covering market in Australia is actually quite large and robust because of Australia's location in South East Asia, which makes it a great trade capital for the area. As such, you can find a huge number of imported discount rugs through various retailers and wholesalers. In this guide we explain the various places where you can buy cheap but high quality rugs of all different types in different places around Australia.

What Type of Floor Covering Should You Buy?

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to floor mats and rugs for your home. Choosing the right style and colour for your home will depend on the rest of your decorations and furniture.

Choosing a Style

There are three main styles of floor rugs for sale; handmade classic styles, imported Persian rug styles, and modern carpet style mats. Below we will discuss which type of home decor each style is suited to.

Classic Styles

If you have a lot of wood tones and older style furniture in your home then a classic styles from the 1800's and 1900's will likely be best suited to your needs. These are usually round in shape, made from wool and they often feature squares of different colours such as green, pink and purple.

Persian Styles

If your house features sandstone materials and red hues then a Persian style rug will instead be the better choice for you. These designs usually feature stripped patterns in red, orange and purple and are great for creating a vibrant atmosphere against neutral background tones.

Modern Styles

If your home is of contemporary design then more modern styles of rugs will be more appropriate. These are typically machine-made from cotton or polypropylene and they usually feature squares of black and white, sometimes with red highlights.

Where To Buy Discounted Floor Rugs

Rug Galleries - Dedicated rug galleries are the first stopping point for most people and they offer a large variety of choices for most needs. Just as with any retail store you can sometimes find cheap buys at rug galleries when things are on special. For the most part, however, you should check elsewhere for cheaper options.


Wholesalers typically import cheap mats and rugs and resell them for a discount. Sometimes these are factory seconds, which can be even cheaper than wholesale price because of some defect. If the defects on these factory seconds does not bother you then this may be a good choice for you.

Online Stores

No matter where you live in Australia, you can always buy through an online store. What you can find online will depend on the type of website you choose to buy from; just like with physical sellers there are normal retailers and wholesalers whom each offer different levels of pricing and quality.

Second Hand Dealers

There are a number of wholesalers who will sell used stock in addition to their normal wares. This is a great option if you are interested in buying a more premium floor covering as you can potentially get them at a much more affordable price since they are pre-owned.

Private Sale

Instead of going through a reseller, some owners will choose to sell their pre-loved rugs privately. The most common method for doing this is through classifieds in newspapers or online and through garage sales. This is especially common when people are moving houses, as they simply may not have enough room in their new home for their rugs. You can also find many private listings online through classifieds sites like Gumtree and through auctions sites like eBay.

What is Your Local Best Option?

While there are a few retailers and wholesalers who are popular almost everywhere, there are often better options in the form of more locally popular retailers. The following list highlights some of the most popular retailers and wholesalers in each of the major cities in Australia.


Rugs a Million is a popular option through Queensland and has stores located in many towns and cities, including on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. In addition to this, Gumtree has many listings for used rugs throughout the Sunshine Coast and in towards Townsville and Toowoomba.


The Rug Factory was founded in the ACT and is still an extremely popular choice there for all different types of floor covers. Carpet Court also has a strong presence in the ACT and is worth a look as an alternative option.

New South Wales

In Sydney, Rahmani's Rug Gallery is very well-known for their wide range of wholesale rugs and for their memorable commercials. There are many other options, however, including TheRugStore, Raine's Caprets, and Carpet Court.

South Australia

Discount City Carpets and Rugs a Million are the two most popular retailers throughout SA. In Adelaide, however, you also have the option of The Rugstore and Carpet Court. Gumtree listings are also quite active.


M & M Rugs is one of the most popular retailers in Melbourne and they have locations in many other Victorian cities as well. In addition to this, Online Carpets sells to people anywhere in Victoria and just over the border of NSW in Albury-Wodonga.

Western Australia

Perth is really the main place to buy discounted floor coverings from physical retailers. If you live far away from Perth then your best option is to buy from an online retailer or through someone who is willing to ship used mats. Nationwide Rugs and eBay are both great options for this, if you live in WA.

Australia Wide

Some retailers are popular Australia wide and make a great choice for finding cheap rugs for sale if you cannot find one of the earlier mentioned retailers. Ikea, Spotlight Rugs, Harvey Norman and Fantastic Furniture are all great options for retailers. If you want to buy online then consider Gumtree, it covers most major towns and cities in Australia.