How the flugelhorn came to be considered an instrument of repute in the world of modern music remains a mystery, because it was originally used to rally the troops in the battlefield. Often compared to the trumpet, the flugelhorn is a member of the brass family, and is now used to rally jazz, pop, and brass band music lovers.

Unlike other brass instruments which have been described as mellow, or sweet sounding, the flugelhorn has been described as interesting. Perhaps, that just might be a very apt description, because it is after all very unique. Actually though, it is well suited to playing mellow music, hence, its pride of place in jazz music.You can find cheap flugelhorns for sale online or at  your local music store.

As with other brass instruments the flugelhorn operates with 3, or in some cases four piston valves. The fourth valve is said to add variety, and enable the instrument to play at a lower pitch. It has a deep conical mouthpiece, which gives it a deep dark sounding tone. It is more suited to softer, smoother styles of music.

As was noted before, it is very close to the trumpet in style. So much so that it is often recommended that persons who would like to play the flugelhorn, try out the trumpet first, and then move on.

This adaptability is possible, because both instruments have similar playing styles. Popular models include Amati, Barrington, and Vento. In terms of price, the flugelhorn is cheaper than some other brass instruments. Flugelhorn Musical Instrument

Prices vary from a low of about $400, to a high of about $2,000, and you will definitely have to pay more for the professional models. When purchasing a flugelhorn, one of the important things to look for is the tuning slide.

This allows you to easily adjust the length of the air column, a little bit at a time. Another thing to consider is the type of finish. The horns with the silver plated finish are preferable if you are just learning the instrument.

This type of finish makes the horn much lighter and easier to handle. In addition, make sure to purchase a good mouthpiece. The right mouthpiece will add that rich attractive tone to your playing, and also make playing more comfortable.

Also, be sure to try out the instrument before taking it home. This is especially important, because horns tend to have different bore sizes. Those with small bores will have a different sound from those with large ones.

Therefore, it is recommended that you test it out, to ensure you are getting an instrument that has beautiful tonal quality in all the registers, and a high range. It is not really easy to locate a flugelhorn at the local music store; it is probably easier to find one online.

If you asked for a show of hands from a class of ninth graders to find out who played the flugelhorn, you’d been lucky if any of them even knew what you were talking about. Perhaps the best place to look for one might just be … the battlefield. I will let you have the last laugh as you enjoy the unique playing qualities of your flugelhorn.