Being a duck hunter can get very expensive. Finding good quality cheap foam duck decoys can be difficult.

Lets face it, duck hunting is becoming more expensive all the time. By the time you purchase your shotguns, steel shot, camo clothing, and either blinds, boats, or a duck club membership, you can go broke!

The one essential element that I have left out of this quick list is the decoys. It is possible to hunt for ducks without decoys, but I certainly would not recommend it. The problem is that decoys can be very expensive. There are alternatives to buying the most expensive decoys around. Brand new decoys that come from one of the big box stores can run you into the poorhouse.

One of the first alternatives to purchasing top dollar foam decoys is to make your own. This can be a rewarding activity, and it will cost you a fraction of what factory produced decoys. The bodies are not that difficult to carve, and they are even easier to paint. The heads can be a little more difficult. If you do not wish to deal with getting the heads correct, you can purchase them. A quick web search will show that both the foam, and the heads are available for purchase.

You can also find instructions on how to carve and paint decoys on the web as well. I have found many very helpful instructional websites.

There are other options for people who do not wish to spend their time carving foam. That option is buying used decoys. Used decoys can be found almost anywhere. If you live in an area where waterfowl hunting is popular, you will most likely be able to find used decoys in your newspapers classified section. You will also  sometimes find decoys at pawn shops, or resale shops.

If you are unsuccessful in your search so far, don't give up. We have just begun. The next place to look is on eBay. A search on eBay for foam decoys showed 35 results. These were all decoys that were used, and in good condition.The only problem with eBay is that you can pay top dollar for shipping.

There are many different websites available today where people can sell their old possessions. The most popular website is craigslist. I like craigslist because it is local. Chances are you will find used decoys for sale if you live in an area where duck hunting is popular. Craigslist is your best bet for finding used foam duck decoys.

Another feature that is nice about the local nature of craigslist is that you can go and see your merchandise before you decide to purchase it. I have seen some very beat-up decoys before. This is why I prefer craigslist over eBay.

Finding cheap foam duck decoys is not as difficult as I once thought it was. As I have told you here, you have many options. Purchasing used decoys has taken my duck hunting to an entirely different level. It is nice to have my own decoys!