Football Practice Jerseys

It always seems the fan with the most obscure yet awesome piece of apparel, looks the best. You might become the envy of your friends and the fan club king if you score a football practice jersey for your favorite team. That is of course if your team has cool practice jerseys. A lot of NFL team practice jerseys are simple one color jerseys that don't do much for the creative eye. If you're looking for a practice football jersey from practical reasons, you can find them through various onliFootball Practice Jerseysne retailers for relatively little money.

What Do You Need a Football Practice Jersey For?

You probably aren't buying a practice jersey because it looks cool. Or maybe you are. The most practical use for a practice jersey is to practice. They are relatively cheap and still durable like most mesh football jerseys. You can wear them to practice and you don't need to worry about damaging them.

You might also want to wear them as jerseys for your flag football team. You probably don't want to spend a ton but you want your team to have a uniform. Finding some inexpensive practice jerseys might be the perfect solution.

Where Can You Buy Football Practice Jerseys?

If you're purchasing the jersey for practical reasons you probably don't want to spend too much. There are a number of online retailers that offer inexpensive jerseys that can be shipped directly to your door step. One of the larger retailers is Sports Authority. Check out their website at and search for football practice jerseys. You'll find a wide selection to choose from.

You could also find them at or Both of these online retailers have practice jerseys at a competitive and affordable price.

What Does A Football Practice Jersey Cost?

They are not as much as authentic or officially licensed football jersey's. This is because practice jersey's do not represent specific players. They don't have to pay royalties to the National Football League or the National Football League Players Association. Officially licensed apparel does. The fact that practice jerseys don't have to pay these fees, coupled with the fact they aren't as popular, they are priced much lower.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $9.99 and $29.99 on your practice jersey. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. The sizing of football practice jerseys can get a little tricky.

The jerseys don't come in the traditional small, medium, large and extra large. Football jerseys use a number system that ranges between 40 and 60. The specific number of the jersey indicates the size. The lower the number the smaller the jersey.

Some online retailers have begun associating traditional sizes with the numbers in order to help you accurately pick which size will best fit your body type. When you're deciding what size to get you should consider what you'll be using it for.

More than likely you'll be running around doing relatively high intensity type activities. You want something that will allow you to move around and be comfortable while serving its purpose.

If you will be wearing pads underneath the football practice jersey should also be considered. Obviously if you'll be wearing pads you want a bigger jersey. Consider the type of pads you'll be wearing and get a size according to the amount of space you'll need.

You may not want a jersey that is too baggy. A little tighter fit in the middle will reduce the risk of your jersey getting caught in a face mask or on someones finger. This will help maintain the longevity of your football practice jersey.

If your school or football team does not provide practice jerseys for you there are a number of options online. When you're picking out your jersey make sure you consider how you will be using the jersey. Match the fit you need to whether you'll be wearing pads underneath it or not. Get a little more snug fitting jersey to avoid rips and tears from random snags.

You won't pay near as much for a practice jersey as you would an officially licensed jersey that represents a player. Of course you probably won't be wearing your football practice jersey to any super bowl parties any time soon either. The mesh material of a football practice jersey is enough reason to make a purchase for practical reasons. Save yourself the added expense of buying official jerseys and get a football practice jersey for less.