Dirt Cheap ATV's

Is it really possible to find cheap four wheelers under 100 dollars?  It’s not easy, but it can be done, believe it or not.  In this article, I will go over some tactics I have personally used when shopping for a great deal on ATV’s in the past, along with some additional information you will want to check out before you make your purchase.  While finding a decent 4 wheeler for $99 or less isn’t easy by any means, with the tips given to you in this article, you will have a fighting shot.  Included will be info on other types of motored items, like scooters and mini-bikes.

What Will I Find For $100?

I’m going to be as realistic as possible with this article and information.  You will not find a super nice, ultra-fast quad, but you can find something in your range.  It truly is possible and I have done it before.  Here are some of the items you will be considering.

Mini-Quads:  Your best bet.  Few are still making these little things, but you can find them out there and surprisingly, some in the price range you are trying to find.  Mini ATV’s are not to be confused with a kids four wheeler – they are not the same.  These are generally a 49cc or sometimes 29cc pocket quad.  They are very small, but are actually made of the same ilk as the pocket rockets of a few years back.  Some can attain speeds of 30mph, which is really fast on a tiny machine.  Just a few years ago, Canada residents could buy a pocket rocket for $99 from Giovani.  Today, the price is much higher.

Salvage/Parts Quads:  Just as it sounds; something that’s not running, but has a bevy of useable parts, which generally speaking, can be used to build your own four wheeler, especially if you can find two of the same year.  Don’t expect to find a full size, adult quad in this range that’s running like a top.

Barn Fresh:  Sometimes you can find a non-running quad that’s been stored for a decade or longer that isn’t running.   If you’re mechanically inclined, you might be able to get one of these things running.

Electric:  You can buy new battery powered ATV’s for sale at clearance events, or during seasonal sales for $100 or less from time to time.  You will be able to find several used 12volt or 24 volt ride on toys for sale at this range.


About Mini-Quads

As noted, if you’re looking for cheap four wheelers under $100, there are few options.  However, your best bet for an actual 4 wheeler is going to be a used pocket quad.   These are not for kids, some rated for carrying passengers of 300 pounds or more.  Most have a 29cc or 49cc engine that closely resembles that of a weed whacker.  They are generally fast and should be treated as an adult machine.  These are typically Chinese ATV’s, but some companies from Canada and the US were able to mass produce them for a cheap price, often selling them new for 200 or 300 dollars.  Just use caution if you buy one thinking it’s for kids.  A child/youth quad isn’t the same as a mini.


Alternatives to Quads

If you are looking to find a nice “toy” for a child or yourself, you might have some options to consider.  Listed in this article are the best possible alternatives to keep in mind when you have a very limited budget, but still want to get some form of motorsports item dirt cheap.

Mini-Bikes:  The easiest of all things to find for 100 dollars or less.  In fact, if you watch the sales you can find a Doodle Bug mini-bike for $200 new and several for 50 dollar in used condition.  I have seen (and purchased) them before, so it can be done.

Old Mopeds:  They are out there.  You can find a very old scooter, once called a moped on occasion in this price range.  Don’t expect something nice, but it is possible to get something running or easily repairable, in most cases.

Pocket Rockets:  As mentioned, it was just a few years ago you could buy a Giovani pocket bike in Canada for $99.  You can buy them used for this price pretty easily.  While there aren’t many of them out there for sale, those that are for sale, are generally super cheap.

Go Karts:  You can buy them new for well under $300 and finding them used for under 100 dollars is very possible.  You will not get a big, fast, awesome looking go cart for this price, but you can find a small, running cart for $100.

Lawn Mowers:  Don’t laugh.  A kid can have a great time on a riding lawn mower with the blades and deck removed.  Some are easily modified for somewhat acceptable speeds.  Safety is a concern, so this one is best used when under adult supervision.  It’s a legitimate option when you want to buy a four wheeler, but have no money.  You can occasionally find them under $50.

Franken Quads:  What is a Franken-bike?  It’s something that’s pieced together, like Frankenstein.  You can find them out there, although they are generally homemade quads, somewhat resembling a go kart.

How to Get Them Cheap

Finding them dirt cheap isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.  It takes time.  It’s best to start your shopping well in advance, if you want success.  Listed below are the places and ways I’ve been able to buy quads dirt cheap.

Craigslist/Classified Ads:  If you see one listed, it will be gone within minutes, in most cases.  Act quickly and have cash on hand.  Contact the owner by phone if the number is listed and set up a time to get the machine.  Don’t wait around.

Mega Sales:  If you are looking for an alternative or four an electric ride on toy, shop online sites or department stores during mega sales, like are run the day after Thanksgiving.

Cash Only:  Offer cash and try lowballing when you see something listed in the general price range you are looking for.  Cash is sometimes more appealing to sellers.

Yard Sales:  A hotspot for mini-bikes and mini-quads these days, but you need to get there early or they will be gone.

Police Auctions:  Easier than you think.  Check out police and sheriff auction listings and be prepared to buy if they are listed.

It really is possible to buy dirt cheap four wheelers under 100 dollars if you do it right. 

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