Where to Find Inexpensive Gas Go Karts for Sale Under $200?

If you are on the hunt for cheap gas go karts for sale under 200 dollars, you are going to need a fair bit of patience, be a bit lenient as to the condition of it -- as it ain't exactly going to be 'like new' and a decent amount of luck wouldn't go a miss either. However, there are places both online & offline  -- as well as certain models that you want to keep an eye out for that will drastically boost your chances to get yourself a decent kart within budget. Let's go right ahead and explore our options below for gas go karts for sale cheap under 200 dollars.

Where to Look for a Cheap Gas Go Kart?

As we are on such a tight budget of under $200, we need to be looking at potentially used gas powered go karts as well as refurbished models too. The best places to find such models on sale are:

  • eBay - or as I like to refer to it "the world's second hand car boot sale". You will find all sorts of hidden gems on here, if you are prepared to look far and wide enough. Gas powered gokarts aren't any different either. Just be sure to apply appropriate search filters e.g. a price range within $200, condition: used or refurbished etc. Don't expect a huge range of options though, to get a gas go-kart so cheaply you need to play the long game. It will be worthwhile investing a bit of research into what has sold before as well by seeing "completed sales" to give you a bit more of an idea as to what goes on.
  • Specialized Go Karts Websites/Forums/List sites - with just a quick search for gas gokarts cheap, you will see a whole host of sites (e.g.  gokartsusa.com) that are dedicated to selling models in all conditions to around the country. Also, be sure to check out auto trading type list websites, where they put up a model and list it for a certain price and listen to the highest bids. See if you can broker a deal with them to get it for under 200 dollars.
  • Amazon - although they are a lot less frequent, they do exist. For instance, the Scooter X Mini Kart that possesses a 4.5 hp engine with a max speed of 28/30 mph. You will find that third party sellers will retail directly through amazon, so you can get a much cheaper price on a gas powered kart.
  • Alibaba - along with other mass supply websites actually sell a lot of brand new gas go karts for sale within your budget of 200 dollars, but the issue is... the delivery cost will be pretty hefty and sometimes you need to make a minimum order for more than one unit (you could get a friend to have a look, to see if their interested as well though). This being said, they do offer you a wide variety to choose from at a pretty decent price.
  • Local Auto Store - it is definitely worth having a look in your auto shop & stores and see what they have lurking in there for sale. Ask for the manager specifically to see if they have any special deals on hand and try out your negotiating skills to see if you can knock down the price.

Also, another important factor when searching for a cheap gas go-kart is the size and power -- you will soon realize that there are many types of go karts . If you are only looking for a small or mini child size kart with a small 49cc engine you are far more likely to get it well within your budget as opposed to a full sized 200cc one (which you just aren't going to find, especially already assembled).

As touched upon above, be sure to look up refurbished gokarts specifically, you will find all sorts of wonderful listings that turn up which you can get your hands on with a significant discount, because people aren't keen to buy something used and especially if its been broken before as well. However, refurbished models and engines work just as well as brand new models. 

Bonus Section: You Could Build Your Own Gas Go Kart

A very viable option is a DIY one. Many companies will sell you the complete kit to build your own gas powered go kart -- providing you with the framework parts, steering wheel, components, engine and so on along with a detailed instruction guide on how to construct it & set it up-- often coming well within $200.

Moreover, if you studied how to make them beforehand (e.g. check the video out below) -- there are some truly awesome FREE DIY plans on building buggies, gas karts, dirt bikes out there online (e.g. gokartsusa.com's set up guides are decent), then you can just by the individual pieces used from eBay (i.e searching for a used go kart engine for sale) and get a custom gas powered go kart, all very cheaply. Great fun too (almost as good as actually driving one, really satisfying)! Nothing quite like building one with your child for them to participate in some kid go kart racing in.

Just to give you a starting point as to what kind of cheap gas gokarts out there that I recommend. Upon your search you will come across a lot of Trailmaster mini xrx and xrs, a pretty decent go kart in fair as well as the trailmaster 150 XRS & XRX buggy. Also Kandi karts are known to be good, like the KD-110-49FMS etc., but anything like a Kandi 110cc 2-seat go kart for example is going to be usually a bit of our price range. In all, when looking for a gas go kart for sale under 200 dollars, a refurbished and used model is the way to go but building your own is a lot more satisfying and is often cheaper too.