When winter comes you want to be prepared. Gas snow blowers are clearly better than electric snow blowers. Although there's definitely nothing wrong with electric. Electric is more ECO friendly, and more suitable for smaller driveways and areas where heavy snow storms aren't as big of a problem. If you live in areas where you get hit hard every year, then you should definitely purchase a gas snow blower. It's hard to find cheap gas snow blowers on sale, compared to electric. However, there are some great deals that you can find online. Gas snow blowers on sale for well below retail price. You have a better chance to find cheap gas snow blowers well before winter hits. There are much bigger discounts going online and at hardware stores well before winter.

Ariens Gas Snow Blowers

Ariens Compact Series 2 Stage 22 inches

The Ariens Compact Series 2 Stage 22 inches is a cheap gas snow blower for its heavy duty plowing. It costs under a thousand dollars. It's not cheap, but compared to other similar plower models its going for a pretty good price. It features a 22 inch clearing width. Not only that, it also has wide housing with a rolled top lip, which helps to bring in extra snow. It features a 208 cc Ariens OHV engine, with a 120 volt electric. Other features include a 11 inch auger, a 205 degree quick turn chute for better accuracy and throwing distance. The pick lock axle feature allows you the option of having a two wheel drive, or a one wheel drive. Depending on how bad you get hit in your neck of the woods during winter, the Ariens gas snow blower makes it much easier to maneuver according to weather conditions. You can find Ariens gas snow blowers on sale online at quite a few places like home depot, amazon, and Avian Garden.

Toro Gas Snow Blowers

Toro Gas Snow Blowers

The Toro Power Clear 180 87cc Single Stage is a good product to use. These are cheap gas snow blowers on sale for low prices. You save yourself quite a bit of money, since prices go around $500 dollars. Cheap gas snow blowers around $500 dollars are good money saving purchases for those with smaller home driveways. The Power Curve technology doesn't waste any time in disposing snow. Toro snow blowers also comes with 2 year warranties on their merchandise. So if anything goes wrong, then you'll get your money back. The zip deflector features allow you to have more control on where to throw snow. It will throw snow up to 25 feet with a clearing width of 16 inches. This snow plower would probably stand well up to most blizzard storms. They are definitely better purchases for long driveways. However, for its low price these aren't bad cheap gas snow blowers on sale to buy. They're going for sale online at home depot, acme tools, and ebay.

Yard Machine Gas Snow Blowers

Yard Machine 123c Single Stage Gas Snow Blowers

Yard Machine are popular products to purchase. The 123c Single Stage is the cheapest Yard Machine product out on the market. It's simple and easy to operate. It's more for light to medium snow falls for decks, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. It has a clearing width of 21 inches with an intake height of 10 inches. It's light and only weighs 60 pounds. So it is rather easy for anyone to operate. It also comes with a EZ chute manual chute control. These are pretty cheap gas snow blowers on sale for just $350 at noble sale co. inc.

Snow Joe Gas Snow Blowers

The Snow Joe 179 cc 21" Single Stage gas snow thrower features a 180 degree adjustable chute, along with a 179 cc 4 stroke OHV gas engine. Other features include an ergonomic grip, a 21 inch clearing width and a 11 inch intake height. It has a throwing distance of 25 feet and will plow 1400 pounds per minute. For its cheap price, this is one of the best cheap gas snow blowers on sale. It's easy to use and will clear quite a bit of snow on decks, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. You can purchase for sale online at snow joe direct.