Finding cheap Gendarme fragrance colognes for men is easy when shopping online. Gendarme cologne for men products aren't cheap, but when shopping online there are numerous of Gendarme cologne products going for great prices. Cheap prices that are sometimes half the price of retail. Gendarme is a high quality cologne for both men and women to wear. Gendarme fragrances aren't quite as woody as other men fragrances. They're romantic, citrus, and fruity colognes that can really show off a sensitive side to men. There is nothing wrong with showing as a male that you're versatile in your appearance. Gendarme fragrance notes still include that masculine scent for men in their products.

Gendarme Fragrance Products for Men

There are a wide variety of Gendarme cologne products for men to choose from. The classic Gendarme cologne contains a California fragrance to its scent. It's know for its citrus scent with a bit of thyme and jasmine added for a bit of spice. The base of the fragrance note includes a leather scent. It was first introduced in 1991 and is known for its subtle scent. Later Gendarme introduced the Eau De Parfum containing more of a oriental scent.

The Gendarme V fragrance was launched in 2000 giving off a citrus and fruity scent. Gendarme V had some interesting fruit notes with lemon, basil, and bergamot. The vetiver is added as the base to give it a masculine and spicy woody fragrance scent. In 2005 the Gendarme green was launched recently, combining cucumber and basil fragrance notes. The cucumber and basil adds more of a bite and spice to the Gendarme fragrance cologne.

Then in 2007 Gendarme launched its most recent cologne for men. Gendarme Sky contains fragrance notes of sweet lime, luxurious spanish moss, cognac, green lemon, cardamon, Asian pepper oil, magnolia flower, warm, woods, and bergamot. The Sky Gendarme cologne for men stays true to the citrus, fruity, and spicy fragrance notes found in Gendarme fragrance products.

  • Gendarme Classic
  • Gendarme Green
  • Gendarme V
  • Grabazzi Eau De Cologne Spray
  • Sky

Where to buy cheap Gendarme Fragrance Colognes for men online

Grabbazi Eau De Cologne - A highly recommended Gendarme fragrance for men to wear during the late hours of the night. It's a night time cologne. It's a cologne known for its oriental and masculine scent. Eau de colognes can be used for men and women. The fragrance notes are known for its soft, oriental, classic, and elegant scents. The Grabbazi Gendarme cologne contains a moderate scent that can last between 6-10 hours. There are some cheap Gendarme cologne prices going online for this normally expensive Gendarme fragrance. You can purchase a 4 oz bottle online for under $40 dollars at, and scent encounter.

Gendarme V - The Gendarme V is one of the more masculine Gendarme fragrance for men cologne products. The vetiver gives the cologne its spicy woody fragrance base. The top notes include lemon, basil, and bergamot giving the cologne a lemon, orange, spicy, fruity, floral and citrus fragrance. The verbena adds to the citrus scent used as the middle fragrance note. It's a subtle fragrance scent that can last between 6-10 hours. It can be worn as a daytime or night time fragrance for men. There are some cheap Gendarme fragrance deals going online for this cologne. You can purchase online at, and amazon. A 4 ounce bottle of cologne is going for around $50 dollars.

Gendarme Sky - The Gendarme Sky is the latest Gendarme cologne introduced out on the market. It's more for young men looking for a romantic cologne. The fragrance notes included are sweet lime, luxurious Spanish moss, cognac, green lemon cardamon, Asian pepper oil, magnolia flower, warm woods, and bergamot. It's a fruity Gendarme fragrance for men. The scent strength lasts for about 6-10 hours. It's not too strong of a scent. It leaves a subtle scent for men. The Gendarme sky fragrance cologne is going for cheap prices online at ebay,, masculine 4 men, and price falls. Prices are going for very cheap prices for around $40 dollars.