With the economy the way it is you might be downsizing for Christmas and looking for cheap gifts for Christmas. This is also a way to get back in touch with the true spirit of the holidays and really teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas. You'll also be able to tap into your own creativity and repurpose household items. It takes a little extra time and ingenuity so you'll need to plan ahead. You'll be able to create or find unique Christmas gifts for next to nothing. Have you ever realized how most people can't remember exactly what they got for the last Christmas gift exchange? Well your gift will be a stand out because what you don't spend in money you'll make up for in heart and originality.

Homemade cheap Christmas gifts can still be treasures. You can raid your fabric closet and pull out all of the scraps. Piece them together to make a fuzzy throw. Even if you don't have a fabric closet you probably have spare fabric around your house without realizing it. You can utilize old t-shirts and jeans that have sentimental memories. It's unlikely that you still wear all your old high school throwbacks but piecing them together can bring back memories for your best friend. You can also put bits of yarn together to create a colorful scarf that will appeal to all different tastes. Even if you don't know how to knit you can pick up a small round loom inexpensively. This will allow you to easily create hats and scarves while you watch TV.

Cheap Christmas gifts can be sentimental. This might include writing a love song or poem for your spouse or putting together a scrapbook for your friends. If you have a large group of friends then personalize your favorite group memories and have the book printed online for a professional looking gift that costs you next to nothing.

Cheap Christmas gifts for kids can be a little trickier because they probably have one exact toy or big ticket item that they really want and won't budge on. You can get a small online job working nights to pay for the kids gifts although you'll probably want to start looking several months in advance. Around the holidays a lot of the online work gets gobbled up because everyone is trying to earn extra money for Christmas. You might be able to exchange toys with your neighbors in a fun swap so everyone will have something new for Christmas even if it didn't cost any money.

Inexpensive Christmas gifts might just cost a little investment of your time. You can bake plates of cookies to take to your neighbors, teachers and postal workers and it just costs a few dollar or cents. You can also make coupon books for friends and family that include much needed items like a free delivered meal, yard work or even free babysitting. This might take up a few of your weekends but will serve as an invaluable but cheap present.

Cheap gifts for Christmas combine the best of both worlds. You save money so you don't have a financial hangover in January. Plus, you really have to stretch all of your creative skills or even pick up new ones in order to make the holidays bright on a budget.