Gift Ideas

Giving gifts can be a fun experience, but it can also be a stressful experience.  What do you give the person in your life who has everything?  What is the best gift to get for a teenager?  What gift is appropriate to give a colleague?  When you need to select a gift these questions usually come to mind.  Despite the concerns that you have, planning a gift does not have to be stressful.    Below you will find a list of ten items that could be beneficial to any person.

1)    A Gift Card

This is a great gift if you know the person really well.  This gift allows you to show that you understand their likes and dislikes.  This is also the perfect gift for a young adolescent who wants to select their gift.  Gift cards that you could consider are ITunes gifts cards, restaurant gift cards, and gift cards to large stores (like Amazon, Walmart, and Target).

2)    A Subscription for a Magazine

Magazines are a gift that is cheap and fun.  This gift will allow you to show that you know the person really well.  The best magazine is one that reflects the recipients interests.  You can order magazines online through a daily discount site, through a website that has a promotional code, or through  Also, if you have a subscription to a magazine, you can probably renew your magazine and give a gift subscription for a discount. 

3)    A Monthly Club Subscription

Monthly clubs come in all shapes and sizes.  You can give the candy a month gift, the flower a month gift, or a book of the month club.  The best thing about these gifts is that they keep on giving.  Plus, the gift recipient is reminded of you every time that they get a gift.

4)    Membership to An Organization

Paying annual dues to an organization can get costly.  If you have the means, you can give a gift that you know the person will use and save them some money in the process.  Some examples would be a gift to a warehouse club, a gift to a professional organization, or even a membership to a gym.  It is a win-win situation.

5)    A Charitable Gift in their Honor

Yes, people actually appreciate charitable gifts in their honor.  If the person has absolutely everything, why not use the situation as an opportunity to give to someone else in their name.  You could build a house in Haiti or send a certain amount of gifts to Haiti (you can do this through an organization like Food for the Poor).

6)    Give a Favor

If there is something that you do particularly well, and your friend admires it, give your friend that particular thing as a favor.  It is best if this type of gift is based on your personal knowledge of your friend.  For example, if you bake really well and there is a particular dish that your friend loves, perhaps you could make that for your friend.  

7)    Give a Vacation

You can make a difference in someone’s life by planning a vacation for them.  You could select the date, time, and the cost of the vacation.  If you know someone that has a particular interest, then you can give them a trip that allows them to participate in that activity during the vacation.  This particular gift might be great for an anniversary present or a graduation present. 

8)    Give the Gift of Knowledge

There are various ways that you can do this.  If the gift recipient has been dying to learn a language, you could give him or her a gift of language learning software.  You could also pay for a class that would teach the recipient something they were dying to learn.

9)    Give a Homemade Gift

There are certain gifts that people love to receive.  People love to receive scrapbooks, photos, and homemade food items.  If you have the time and the energy to make one of these gifts it could have a huge impact on the life of the recipient.  If you need ideas for gifts, you can find books at the store or tips online.

10)  Give a Necessity Gift

This is the type of gift that people appreciate in tough economic times.  If you are giving a gift to person that is experiencing a financial difficulty, you should try to buy them something that they need.  If it is a college student, you could pay for their books for a semester.  If it is an elderly parent, you could buy replace an appliance in the house.

Above all, take the time to plan the correct gift for your recipient.  Try not to get stressed out during this process.  Remember, it is the thought that really counts.