If you have ever tried glass etching, then you know that you can create works of art, from simple glass and mirror pieces. You could "frame" a simple round mirror with stencil designs, that will add flare and originality to the mirror once you use the etching cream.

This craft can be learned quickly, and although you may start off with painters tape and some stickers for designs, you may want to try more detailed patterns, as you get the hang of this craft. One good way to do this is with glass etching stencils, that you can get at your local craft shop or online. Decide on the glass you are going to etch, and then look through the stencil designs for something that would work well with your glass.

There are hundreds of design ideas that you can use for this craft, it all depends on the theme you are looking for. These stencils stick to the glass and you actually use the etching cream over the opening, and after it is washed off, that design will remain.

This is a very relaxing craft, and you will look at all those plain glass containers, vases, wine glasses and plain mirrors in a totally different way once you have enjoyed etching. You can now take dollar store finds and make them into stunning gifts. You can personalize gifts, with their names or the letters of their names. You can get sheets of etching stencils filled with letters and more. You can spell a word, or a saying, it is up to you.

Your local craft store will have all the supplies needed for this fun craft, including stencils, but sometimes you can get more choice online.

Glass Etching Stencils - Amazon - You can search through this site, and you will find all kinds of kits and supplies, plus you can find stencils. You can usually get these for a good price too, and shipping of stencils is pretty cheap.glass etching stencil

Joann.com is another great place to get all your art supplies for cheap, and especially glass etching supplies from. They have a great selection of stencils and books for great ideas on just how to decorate using the etching cream. They have delicate stencils that you rub on your glass, then using the etching cream, you end up with a beautiful design. They have old English style letters as well for a vintage look. Rub 'n Etch Glass Etching Stencil Old English Alph

Stencils can also be created by you. If you have a picture that you would like to make into a stencil, choose a simple design at first, but you can go looking online for royalty free and clip art pictures that you would like.

Next get yourself some contact paper, and then you can transfer your design to the contact paper, then using a utility knife or small hobby knife, you can cut out your shape or design.

Now peel off the backing of the contact paper and place this on your glass or mirror product, then make sure it is well stuck down, to avoid any of the cream getting under the edge. (you want your edges sharp and clean). Sometimes using a popsiscle stick to rub the edges down works well. Then wait the time the bottle of etching cream recommends, and then wash it off with water. (Make sure you are wearing rubber gloves when using the etching cream)

You can then remove your contact paper or glass etching stencil and now you have your piece of art! Also see Glass Etching - Creating Your Own Works of Art and Glass Etching Designs - Get Inspired with This Book for more tips and ideas.

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