Golf club sets can be extremely expensive, but if you are simply golf for fun and a little bit of exercise than you can get by with one of the great golf club sets that are inexpensive. If you decided to become a more serious golfer you can always upgrade to the latest and greatest gold clubs, but for most people the cheap golf club sets are more than enough.

Just because a golf set is cheap does not mean it is poorly made. The following golf set has an inexpensive retail price, usually include a bag to tote you golf clubs in, and can oftentimes be purchased cheaper than the retail price. You may not have the coolest branded clubs around, but golfing is still fun with these inexpensive golf club sets.

Nicklaus Golden Bear Wide Body Set

The Nicklaus Golden Bear Wide Body Set contains 12 clubs to get you going in the world of golf. You have a club for every possible situation. The big daddy in this set is the 460cc Driver, which when you learn to hit golf balls properly, will allow you to hit the ball extremely far and accurate.

These golf clubs are not cheaply made, but eventually you will probably want to upgrade the driver and the putter. The driver and putter work awesome, especially for novice golfers, but as your game advances you may choose to upgrade the driver and putter.

The clubs are very durable for the price, but if you throw the clubs down and wail away on trees then the clubs will get damaged and or break. The clubs are made in China.

If you are a true novice just learning to golf then you cannot go wrong with the Nicklaus Golden Bear Wide Body Set of golf clubs. If on the other hand you have a little bit of golfing experience and regularly golf with more experienced golfers who use expensive name brand equipment then you may want to buy a different golf club set.

If used properly then these clubs are pretty durable, but if you get angry and throw your clubs or are a clumsy and hard hitting swinger than the driver head will bust. The Nicklaus Golden Bear Wide Body Set is best used by casual amateurs who are new to the game of golf.

The Nicklaus Golden Bear Wide Body Set retails for $249.99 and can be found for sale for around $150.00. The retail price is too much to pay for this golf set but $150.00 is a great deal. Dicks Sporting Goods often sells the Nicklaus Golden Bear Wide Body Set at a steep discount off the retail price.