A green aventurine dome ring set in sterling silver is a classic and elegant piece of jewelry that can match a number of different outfits and themes. This special ring features a large cut portion of green aventurine, which is a form of quartz, that is believed by many to have healing properties. Regardless of your beliefs regarding the mystical nature of green aventurine, you can see that it fits very well with sterling silver settings, which highlight its complex and rich green hues and the natural gradations of its crystals. 


Click the image to learn more about this green aventurine dome ring set in sterling silver. The gently sloping dome shape helps the stone to catch and reflect the greatest possible amount of light from every angle, which gives the ring a shimmering quality. Notice the varying tones in the aventurine stone which give it a rich and mysterious appearance. The dome shape intensifies this effect by allowing the light to play upon the stone. 

18 karat yellow gold plated sterling silver green aventurine ring


Wearing your green aventurine dome ring set in sterling silver to a special occasion is easy; the sterling silver setting and the elegant cut of the stone makes it an ideal match for something as dressy as an evening gown. On the other hand, some people like to wear these rings casually or with medium-dressy outfits. The versatility of this particular piece of fine jewelry is another reason it has become so popular. 

Many people believe that their green aventurine dome ring set in sterling silver can promote joy and success, since the purported special properties associated with this stone have given it a reputation as a boon to luck and progress. Depending upon the company that you get your green aventurine ring from, you may or may night find that your stone has been processed or polished. The green aventurine stone is usually quite rough and unfinished before it is set into sterling silver jewelry. 

Although some aventurine jewelry set in sterling silver can be on the pricey side, they are often given as gifts to close friends and relatives on special occasions. Graduations, marriages, and other major life transitions make good candidates, since you can use these opportunities to give your recipient your best wishes for their future success along with the jewelry. 

Diamond shaped silver plated green aventurine ring


In terms of finding a complimentary style to go along with your ring, you can either match it with a black dress, which will bring out both the sterling silver setting and the green of the stone, or with a green outfit which will blend harmoniously with the jewelry itself. Consider pairing this with matching accessories like green stone earrings in silver settings. This versatile piece of jewelry will serve to uplift the spirits of anyone who wears it, whether or not you happen to believe in its supernatural properties!

With a wide variety in prices as well, that allows you to find green aventurine jewelry for as little as $20 or as much as $100 depending upon your stylistic preferences, anyone can dress up on a budget and add a little bit of flare to their wardrobe. Jewelry is one of those purchases that you can get a tremendous amount of use from, since it can go with many different outfits.