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Know Which Cheap Guitar Strings to Buy

First you need to find out which guitar strings you need to buy. Is your guitar a classical guitar? Acoustic? Electric? There are many different types of guitars and each take their own type of guitar string. Don't make the mistake of getting the wrong strings when buying cheap guitar strings online. If you put electric guitar strings on a classical guitar, it will likely warp the guitar, or worse, pull the bridge off or break the neck of the guitar. Strings that are used on folk, or acoustic, guitars often won't work on electric guitars.

Good retailers that sell cheap guitar strings online will let you choose the type of guitar you are buying for before having you select a particular string model. This will help prevent getting the wrong strings.

Sometimes it seems like it would be easier if there were fewer choices when buying guitar strings. But the reality is that when you buy guitar strings online you will find out that there are hundreds of different strings for your guitar. It helps by knowing which brand of guitar strings you want. Then you have to decide which model will work for you.

Do you want strings that are "brighter" in sound, or more "sweet"? Sometimes an online store that has cheap guitar strings for sale will tell you how a string sounds. But, what is considered bright to one person's ear, may be sweet to another person. The only real comparison is between the same brand of strings. Within the strings of one manufacturer their different model of guitar strings will sound brighter or sweeter to other strings in the line.

Classical Guitar StringsBuy Cheap Classical Guitar Strings Online

If you are looking for classical guitar strings, then you will look in the nylon string category. Nylon strings are for classical guitars-which are the ones with the wider necks. Nylon strings are bare nylon on the first three strings and metal-wrapped, multi-threaded nylon on the top three strings.

The metal wrapped bass strings could be wrapped in bronze or silver colored metal. The silver-plated metal usually has a brighter tone than the bronze-plated strings. The bronze-plated strings have a warmer, or sweeter, sound to them.

When buying classical guitar strings they will usually be listed as having different tension strengths. Super light, light, medium, high and super high tensions are some of the words used. Sometimes you will see them listed as extra soft to extra hard, or any combination in between. The harder, or higher tension strings are louder than the softer, or lighter tension ones.

Acoustic Guitar StringsBuy Cheap Acoustic Guitar Strings Online

The strings for an acoustic, or folk guitar are much stronger than classical guitar strings. When buying cheap guitar strings online for a folk guitar, you will want to buy "steel" strings. Steel strings have a higher tension than classical, or nylon strings. Because of the stronger strings, an acoustic guitar has a supporting metal rod down the neck.

It is common to call these steel strings, though the makeup of the metal in the strings can vary widely. A softer steel string is made of bronze (copper and tin) which is usually 80% copper and 20% tin or zinc. They are considered soft strings because they don't have as much tension on them. They are easier on the player's fingers, but lose their "bright" sound quickly.

The next in hardness is the brass string. It is 85% copper and 15% tin or zinc. They are a fair balance between the two other groups of acoustic guitar strings.

The hardest type (of the basic categories) is phosphor-bronze guitar string. It is 92% copper and 8% tin or zinc. These are popular because they have a strong sound. They are also the loudest type. However, they are very hard on the fingers, especially to a new guitar player.

When buying cheap guitar strings online you will find that these are the broad categories of steel strings, but there are some specialty guitar strings. You may see silk and steel strings too. These are acoustic guitar strings that have a mellower, or warmer sound.

In all of the string types for an acoustic guitar you will find references to "extra super light" to "extra heavy" gauges. This is another way to say what type of string they are without knowing what the composition of the metal that make up the strings. Lighter strings are "softer" and heavier strings are "harder."

Electric Guitar StringsBuy Cheap Electric Guitar Strings Online

Buying electric guitar strings is the most complicated of all the guitar types. When shopping online for cheap guitar strings you have to specifically buy electric guitar strings for an electric guitar. This is because of the way the sound is transmitted through the amplification system.

Stainless steel strings for electric guitars have an advantage in that they will not rust like other string compositions. However, because of the way they are made, they tend to have much more finger noise. They are harder on the fingers than other strings too.

There are pure nickel and nickel-plated strings for electric guitars. The nickel-plated strings are stainless steel wrapped in a nickel plating. These help eliminate the finger noise of the stainless steel, but still provide a somewhat strong tone. They are "faster" strings than stainless steel strings.

Pure nickel strings are the softest of the electric guitar strings. Jazz musicians prefer these because they are more flexible giving the player more range of mood. They are the easiest to play because of their softness, but also have a much more mellow sound. They are not as "bright."

Buy Cheap Guitar Strings Online

Once you know what kind of strings you need, then navigate to one of the many online retailers of cheap guitar strings. Besides the ones mentioned above there is There are many other stores that sell cheap guitar strings. Most of them will be the same brands and models that you can buy at any local store, but they are cheaper.