Cheap guitar wall hangers and wall mounts are generally the most cost effective and space efficient way to store your guitars. They are also a great way to display your guitars prominently without spending a small fortune on a display case. Guitar wall hangers are typically made from a padded metal or wood claw on a metal or wood backing frame which is screwed into a wall.

An interesting side effect of having all of your guitars wall mounted instead of in guitar stands on the ground is that people will be more likely to be very careful about not touching them. I think it's the paranoia that they will fall or that they look really important and expensive when they are displayed up on the wall.

In this article we will look at only the cheap guitar wall hangers that have very positive reviews (in fact they are all 5/5 stars on Amazon) so that we know they will not fail. Guitars aren't cheap and we form an attachment with them so it's important to consider other customers reviews of quality before making a decision.


Metal Home and Studio Wide Guitar Hanger in Black by String SwingCredit: Amazon.comMetal Home and Studio Wide Guitar Hanger in Black by String Swing

String Swings metal guitar wall hanger is the cheapest option on the market but that doesn't mean it sacrifices any quality. In fact this wall hanger has over 108 reviews and still averages 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon! It forgoes all fanciness for a simple and extremely sturdy design.

String Swing's wall hanger has an adjustable yoke width so that it can fit almost any guitar or mandolin. The rest is fully padded and features rubber washers that provide extra 'keep-it-on-the-hanger' stability. Some customers recommend buying some longer, stronger screws for safer installation but even after purchasing screws this is still the cheapest option available. The String Swing metal guitar wall hanger retails for about $14 but it is available on Amazon from $8.33 at the time of writing.


Coffin-Shaped Guitar Wall Hanger by Coffin CasesCredit: Amazon.comCoffin-Shaped Guitar Wall Hanger by Coffin Cases

'Cool for cheap' is the best way to describe this coffin-shaped guitar wall hanger from Coffin Cases. The style of this hanger would compliment a mean-looking electric guitar like the Jackson RR1 Rhoads. The Coffin wall hanger keeps your guitar secure with a double screw wall mount, a steel yoke, rubber padding and plastic end caps for extra stability. All of the reviews for this hanger have been 100% positive on Amazon where it goes for $9.99 (retail is $19).


FretRest GH1 Guitar Wall Hanger in Black by Proline

FretRest GH1 Guitar Wall Hanger in Black by ProlineCredit: Amazon.comProline's FretRest looks great and has a very sturdy design for such a cheap guitar wall hanger. The FretRest will fit almost any guitar type although the wider neck of a classical guitar can be a bit tight. That said, it is still  easy to get a classical in and out of the rest without any problems. 

The FretRest features a sturdy metal bracket and a specially designed rubber padding to reduce wear on the guitar's finish. The distance from the wall to the yoke is enough to fit any guitar without the body touching the wall.

The FretRest has been in production for a couple of years and only has positive reviews. This is a testament to the quality if this guitar hanger.Proline's FretRest retails for about $20 but it is currently available on Amazon for 25% off at $14.99.

Wallmount Guitar Hanger GSP39WB by Hercules StandsCredit: Amazon.comWallmount Guitar Hanger GSP39WB by Hercules Stands

The Hercules is the next level in stability when it comes to wallmounting your guitar. Just like the name suggests this guitar wall hanger is strong. It features a tri-bolt metal bracket, an auto grip yoke to securely hold the guitar in place and a 'specially formulated' foam to prevent damage to the neck. It also just looks plain beefy. The Hercules guitar wall hanger has a swivelling yoke which allows it to fit differently shaped guitars and basses with ease so it is suitable for your entire collection.

Reviews rate the Hercules wallmount almost unaminously positive, but like other wall hangers they recommend buying more secure bolts - especially if you plan on mounting on drywall. The Hercules wallmount retails in stores for $31.95 but it is much cheaper on Amazon at $20.95.


Horizontal Guitar Wall Hanger by String Swing

Horizontal Guitar Wall Hanger by String SwingCredit: Amazon.comThis wall hanger from String Swing forgoes the space-saving design of vertical wall hangers in favour of the visual appeal of an adjustible horizontal guitar display. The Horizontal guitar mount is a great way to display your most prized instruments in a way that really commands attention. And they're sturdy too! As there is multiple contact points with the guitar and the wall this style of guitar hanger is just as stable as a floor stand.

This wall mount can be adjusted to have your guitar resting at a flat 180 degrees or vertically at 90 degrees. It's the best of both worlds! There are two variations available: one for hollow-bodied electrics like the Les-Pauls and another model for wider acoustic guitars. It's not a perfect fit for pure electrics though it would still work -  it would not be quite as stable. Additionally, the contact points are better suited to rounded bodied guitars rather than body-shapes like the Flying V.

The horizontal guitar wall hanger from String Swing is rated extremely positive by customers who purchased it through Amazon, though the listing for the 'narrow body' version doesn't clearly state that it isn't suitable for pure electrics. It retails for around $45 but it is available for $32.49 on Amazon.

Guitar Wall Hanger Installation Tips:

  • Brick, hardwood and concrete walls are best for mounting guitar wall hangers.
  • If you wish to mount on a drywall or other soft wall it is first necessary to use a stud finder. You can then either mount a wooden backboard or screw the wall hanger directly into the stud.
  • Make sure you position the guitar hanger high enough on the wall so that it is less likely to be knocked by pets, children or vacuum cleaners.


Look DownLook DownThanks for reading! I hope this article has helped you find a great quality cheap guitar wall hanger or mount. Please leave a comment below if you have any additional tips!