Large gym mirrors on sale for Cheap: The question becomes the answer – from why to why not?


"Why would anyone need to find cheap gym mirrors on sale?" you might think. That's natural, because on the surface, it looks like a very narcissistic practice to keep admiring your own form while you work on improving it – a self-feeding narcissistic cycle no less. However, if you've been going to work out regularly, you'll soon realize how useful large gym mirrors are to check your progress. It might seem a little awkward, and may make you self-conscious at first. But as you progress on your path to good physical health and form, you realize that you don't look at yourself in the mirror the same way anymore; your focus shifts from how good or bad you look to how much better you look, and the curious part of your mind will be placated and start to ask "Well, why not?" See how it works? Let's find out more about these fascinating sheets of pure reflective power that no decent gym worth its name can do without.


Gym mirrors: Effective motivators of the motor system


Gym mirrors are not only a means of admiring the progress you've made, or oohing and aahing at your already fit body; they're the ultimate motivators for you to get up in the morning and drag your sleepy bones to the machines for a workout. This works especially well with home gyms. There are two popular management principles at work here. First, anything that's measured tends to improve – the subconscious visual evaluation that your brain makes of your physical dimensions as they imperceptibly move you towards your weight and tone goals will gradually creep into your conscious mind until you feel invigorated every time you think about working out. That's one of the reasons you need to keep at an exercise program for a while before it becomes second nature – usually at least three weeks, the magic 21 days. The second principle at work is this: there's no such thing as external motivation; all motivation comes from within. This is where gym mirrors play their part. No amount of motivation, verbal or otherwise, from a friend, mentor, trainer, spouse or offspring will help you find the will to go on when most people quit, but if you can see the improvement, any improvement, for yourself, then your internal motivation mechanism kicks in to help you go the distance and reach whatever goals you set for yourself.


Gym mirror information: Know-how is the best how


Next on your list is the question of what you need to know before installing them and where to buy these mirrors. Not being small by any standards, you'll need to think of shipping costs that may apply, and other things like installation and care. Your options are essentially simple – pre-cut or custom-cut. Whether custom or pre-cut, there is a dimension limit on them, usually 84 X 130 inches. That in itself is pretty big but it can stand up to normal usage – any bigger and you would have safety issues. For maximum safety, mastic glue is recommended as its strength can ensure a tight grip on the mirror. The walls on which they are installed should be supporting walls to bear the weight of all that glass. Gym mirrors usually have standard pencil edgework – no frills like bevelled edges here. If you want to cover an entire wall, then several mirrors can be placed in a row for this purpose. However, if the space is small enough, then a single seamless mirror is recommended – the maximum size being the nearly 11-foot length mentioned. As for where to buy them, stores like are perfect, because they will let your either customize your mirror size, finish, edgework and safety work, or offer you a wide range of standards to pick from. Typical custom gym mirrors are in the range of $150 to $250 for a 5 X 5 foot square piece. However, for an accurate quote you can visit their website and request one with the exact dimensions you need.