Zombie Assault on Halloween 2012

If you’re looking for a cheap Halloween costume idea, look no further! You can be a Zombie! Imagine a wild horde of kids and adults, an endless rampage of boys and girls, and a panic of men and women -- everybody can be a crazy Zombie this season! It’s a fun and simple way to be creative for the coolest of holidays and it’s great for a Halloween party, trick or treating, or just answering the door! The best thing is that it is a very adaptable costume idea - it can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can even take last year’s costume and convert it into a zombie costume. Zombie for Halloween - it's a good idea!


Zombies are such an important part of our culture from movies and TV to video games, it’s a really great costume choice. There’s the classic Michael Jackson Thriller video, a Zombieland song by the Cranberries, a beverage, a Zombie Nation band, and so much more. The undead of Zombie Assault, Ascension, Black Ops: Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies, and Zombie Farm make super  popular games and apps. (It’s OK to shoot something in a video game that’s already supposed to be dead!) There are classic films like Dawn of the Dead, to Joss Whedon’s Serenity, and all of Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil movies (number six Resident Evil: Retribution comes out in 2012), and hundreds of others. From these movies we all know how to behave like a zombie-- walk slow, walk weird, be hungry, and don’t stop. You were alive, then dead, now with some crazy virus or worse you’re alive again... as a ZOMBIE!


It’s easy to be a Zombie because you just need to be an undead character! You could be a Zombie doctor,zombies-cheap-halloween-costumes-kids-adults a Zombie football player, Zombie nurse, Zombie Ninja, Zombie Rap Star, Zombie ballerina, anything. Your imagination can run wild with this! Any clothes, costume, uniform, that you have can be morphed into a zombie for the night. Even just put on a jacket and tie and go as Zombie regular-guy! What you need is makeup or a mask to make the face and hands appear like those of the undead. Then practice the Zombie walk...


There are many places near you at the mall or your favorite department store or online to buy a Zombie costume for Halloween. Some costumes require makeup, and others simply involve a scary zombie mask. It’s your preference - you are the walking corpse! The starting prices for the costumes are reasonable for kids or adults (most cost from $15 to $50) so you can definitely find something in your budget. If it’s a big special party, or you think you’ll wear it again next year, go ahead and opt for the really nice Zombie costume.

To make your own: You can convert any Halloween costume, uniform, or sports gear to Zombie really easily by focusing on the face and hands! Add some makeup or face paint to give the needed undead look. Black, white, and green paints will do nicely. If you want, you can add props, weapons, and anything else you need for that special touch.


If you're hosting your own Halloween party as a zombie then you can have even more ghoulish fun! You can serve food based on your undead theme:

  • RED: Since Zombie’s eat the flesh (or brains) of the living your Halloween party food can be equally wild! I recommend bright red cherry jello. Or you can mix the red jello with whipped topping to make a pink-ish dessert mix. Very spooky and really tasty! You can serve apples, red cookies shaped like people, and more.
  • GRAY (or GREY)For the gray matter part of a Zombie’s diet, I recommend an angel food or other white sheet cake with some creative frosting. With black and white icing, you should be able to make the necessary grey squiggles of a cerebral cortex. Brains cake for munching on after a busy Halloween...
  • Also you can shop for, and serve, your favorite grey food. Yikes! Some might not be right for a party, but if all you want for your menu is the color grey and edible here you go: mushrooms or mushroom soup, oatmeal, sardines, buckwheat noodles, squid, oysters, mackerel, bean dip (white), and baba ganoush. Yikes, what a party menu!


So go ahead and be a Zombie this Halloween! It’s a great, fun costume idea for kids and adults. A zombie costume is something you can buy or make on the cheap -- even last minute-- and you’ll have a great time all night!