There's no doubt that Halloween is one of the biggest holidays for kids. It provides them with an opportunity to be someone else and allows them the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Many want to be something scary, but are often at a loss as to how to achieve the look desired and exactly what to do. To know they can cause a fright in their friends will surely make them stand out this season. Fortunately cheap halloween costumes for kids can be made from many things already in one's own home.

The devil is a favorite option for many kids. All it takes is for them to dress in all red with black shoes and cape. A pair of devil horns can be made with a headband which horns can be attached to.

The scary part comes in the makeup. An all red face with blue eyeshadow to accentuate a hollowed out appearance will serve as the basis. Add to this thick, black eyebrows that arch from nose to hairline will give that evil look that strikes fear in many. It's important that the child be allowed to determine as many aspects of the look as possible in order to ensure that they feel they were an integral part of the process. Kids Halloween Costumes

Of course a ghost costume is always a great idea. It is one of the least expensive outfits to make yet is, to this day, one of the most popular. Utilizing a sheet is still a very popular choice. To accomplish this look simply cut out eye holes after coloring in around the eyes with blue eyeshadow.

Also cut along the bottom so it is just above the ankles which will prevent it becoming a tripping hazard. You can also sprinkle the sheet with fake blood made from corn syrup mixed with red food coloring for a ghoulishly awful appearance.

Mummies are a great scary choice especially since the movie is still so popular. This requires quite a bit of fabric or sheets that you don't mind destroying. In this case, homemade looks much more authentic than one that might be purchased in a store.

The fabric needs to be ripped into long strips then the child can be wrapped. They should wear tight fitting clothing underneath as well as shoes. After they are dressed then begin wrapping first the arms and hands followed by the legs and feet (with shoes) and finally the head and body.

One should be careful to make it loose enough to be comfortable, but tight enough not to slip. The ends of each section can be held in place with safety pins. In this case, no makeup is required.

Zombie's are also a great alternative in that they require no special costume. In fact, the whole look is in the makeup. The older and baggier the clothes the better. When dusted with bath powder, it gives them a "just left the grave" look. As mentioned, if the makeup is done correctly this is easy to achieve. Youth Halloween Costumes

Apply makeup, including foundation, generously. Use blue eyeshadow to hollow out cheeks and make eyes look sunken. Make thin oatmeal and apply over the makeup in strategic locations then, after the oatmeal dries, touch up the makeup so it looks consistent. As the night wears on the oatmeal will begin to peal away giving a decaying look to any zombie.

Halloween is one of the greatest times of the year because anything is possible. For cheap halloween costumes for kids who want to scare everyone they meet, utilizing things that are around the house first then supplementing with embellishments that are purchased will ensure that the look desired is achieved.