The average American throws away roughly four and a half pounds of trash a day so for a family of for that is about 18 pounds of trash every single day. Where do we put all this trash? In trash bags and that equals Hefty Trash Bagsa lot of bags. So why not try to get the best trash bags for the cheapest price. One of the best trash bags you can get are Hefty trash bags and if you look around you can find them cheap. Read along to find out about the different kinds cheap hefty trash bags and where to get them.

Types of Hefty Garbage bags

Hefty makes eight different types of trash bags. All designed for a specific purpose. You would be hard pressed not to find one that fits your needs. Let's take a look at some of them and see what makes so handy. There is the Hefty SteelSak 30 gallon drawstring trash bag with its thicker design good for tough jobs like yard work, moving and storage. The Hefty Ultra Flex kitchen bags with puncture protection is another great product because nobody likes it when their trash bag leaks all over the floor. They come in three sizes 13, 30, 39 gallon and come with drawstrings closure. Then there is the Hefty CinchSak with its handy drawstrings that make a fast easy job of tying up and taking out the trash. It comes in eight different sizes and are available in clear. One of the newer bags you may not now about is the Hefty Renew recycled content bags. These trash bags are a perfect for the green minded consumer. Made from 65% recycled plastic, the very stuff you put in them doesn't get any better than that and all Hefty bags themselves are 100% recyclable. A few other features are many of the Hefty trash bags are available scented or with scent guard.

Finding cheap Hefty trash bags

Hefty trash bags can be found in just about all stores from gas stations to big box stores. Some of the cheaper places to find them are Wal-mart, Target and Big Lots. Home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards usually carry Hefty trash bags in bulk. Another place to find them cheap is CVS with there CVS dollars you can watch their ads and take advantage of in store coupons for some of the cheapest prices anywhere. You can also try the warehouse stores like Sam's Club and Costco. And if you need large quantities of trash bags you can also find them wholesale online.

Looking in the newspaper and other flyers is another way to find good cheap prices on Hefty trash bags. So keep your eyes and ears open and you may stumble on a good place to find cheap Hefty trash bags.