So the best choice this year for a small holiday gift for someone you know -- or a nice stocking stuffer -- is a Hello Kitty Coin Purse. It’s a great inexpensive gift that’s cute, practical and really fun. It also makes the perfect Christmas gift for co-workers, neighbors, or people in your world like your mail carrier, your hairsylist, or others. Where else would your fashionable friends and loved ones want to keep change for the meter, or money for the soda machine? Granted, a full Hello Kitty pocketbook, tote bag, or handbag might be too much to spend for some people on your Christmas list. But a subtle Hello Kitty coin purse, wallet, or checkbook cover is the perfect Black Friday and Cyber Monday hot sale item you need to track down online. The Hello Kitty Coin Purse is the perfect stylish accessory to put on your holiday shopping list, and in your Christmas stockings.

Hello-Kitty-Coin-Purse-Stocking-Stuffer-Gift-Co-workerBuying for people at work during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful. You CAN find a thoughtful gift for co-workers that is also fun and very useful. That functional gift is a coin purse or wallet with the distinctive style of Hello Kitty on it. It's a great way to avoid cheap joke gifts, or tired cliches of Christmas presents - like candles, or candy! Get the girl in the office a cute Hello Kitty wallet or coin purse and she won't have to pretend to like your gift -- she will LOVE IT!

Same deal with stocking stuffers... Christmas morning is even more wonderful when the stocking gifts are fabulous, and not just last minute junk, mints, or toiletries, bought essentially as filler. If your loved one finds a great Hello Kitty gift like this is her stocking, you will be amazed at how happy she becomes... even before the "real gifts".


The popularity of Hello Kitty continues to grow each year as it appeals internationally to girls, tweens, teens, and young women of all ages. From seven to seventy, you’re never too old or too young to appreciate the cute, sassy, and fun Sanrio Hello Kitty. It’s an iconic brand that’s very popular for toys, games, clothing, handbags, and other apparel - so the gift giving possibilities are endless. But the coin purses and wallets are the perfect small gifts that easily look like they cost much more than they actually do. And these coin purses come in such a wide range of styles, designs, and colors that you can easily find one that's perfect for everyone on your Christmas list! No wonder these are such best sellers.


Who doesn’t love having a bunch of quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies handy? It sure is great for the store when you know you have the exact Organic Skin Care Products: Eco Friendly BeautyCredit: wikimedia.comchange, and you don’t have to break a larger bill. But for those people who are all about plastic - using only credit cards, or debit cards -- they don’t want to worry about carrying a bunch of coins around. Do they? No, but still this is the perfect gift! A Hello Kitty coin purse easily makes a great small case for a cell phone, a makeup mirror, jewelry like earrings, necklaces, or rings, and so much more. Also it could easily be a small ‘clutch’ purse for an ID and credit cards for a night out when you don’t want to carry a big pocketbook.

The coin purse could hold an mp3 player like an iPod, or it could be a great place for glasses or contact lenses and supplies. It could easily serve as a mini makeup pouch (lipstick, eyeliner, and more), or even a mini travel first aid kit for bandages, aspirin, and other small items. Use your imagination and you’ll see that a sensational little Hello Kitty coin purse is a very useful item for everyone on your Black Friday and cyber monday shopping list. They are so cheap, Santa could probably get everybody one... (please let him know!)


The Hello Kitty Coin Purse is a great stocking stuffer because it’s cheap and small. It could also be the perfect gift for your co-workers. Don’t you hate it when you can’t think of something to buy someone in your office or at your job? What if you have to bring a gift for a Yankee swap at work or at church? No problem. It’s cute, chic, and sassy and anyone who gets one of these will be really happy! And the Hello Kitty wallet and checkbook cover would help make a great set for those who want a certain wonderful little Kitty to keep a watchful over their finances!

If you want to make the gifts you give this year memorable and appreciated, especially for co-workers, choose a Hello Kitty Coin Purse or Wallet. For loved ones, it really does make a perfect stocking stuffer -- but be sure to get one for yourself as well!