Cheap Herb Garden Kits Almost Immediately Pay for Themselves

You may have already seen herb garden kits for sale in your local hardware store or near the specialty produce aisle in your local supermarket. Herb garden kits usually come shrink wrapped and sealed up so they can be started when you get home, open them, and water them for the first time. Herb garden kits are small pre-fabricated gardens that are perfect for placing on your window sill or kitchen counter top. All your herb garden kits need to begin sprouting is some fresh air, a little water and a spot where they can catch some sunlight. In a couple of days after you first open and water your new instant garden kits you'll begin to notice seedlings sprouting up from the soil in the kits compartments, and that's your first sign that you're well on your way to money saving and delicious home grown herbs.

Why Both Buying Herb Garden Kits?

When you begin to factor in exactly how much little sprigs of cilantro, a handful of basil or a couple branches of rosemary cost at your local supermarket, and how often you use these fresh herbs to cook with at home, you will quickly see the economic merit in buying and maintaining herb garden kits. These instant garden kits almost immediately begin to pay for themselves, because they will start producing seedlings a few days after you first water them and you can begin to sparingly harvest them, depending upon the types of herbs your instant garden kits include, within the first couple of weeks. As long as you keep your herb garden kits in direct sunlight and feed them the right amount of water and never over-harvest them, you can basically ensure yourself and your family a steady supply of gourmet or restaurant quality fresh herbs for cooking with. You can use fresh herbs for pot roasts, main entrees like chicken or beef, fish dishes and even salads and soups. Many fresh herbs have medicinal and nutritive value, so you should use them whenever you cook, but that doesn't mean you have to pay out the nose to keep fresh herbs in your house.

Herb garden kits will save you big time money over the course of owning and harvesting them. Whereas a sprig or two of fresh cilantro, for example, might cost you anywhere from $2.50 to $4 depending on where you live, inexpensive herb garden kits may only cost as little as $8 and they often contain several different herb types in one kit. Therefore, for a small initial investment, your new herb garden kits, which can continue to produce fresh herbs you can pluck on demand, would have paid for themselves within their 2nd harvesting. They're even more efficient and economical when you figure that you can get about 4 to 6 different kinds of herbs in most herb garden kits, instead of being at the mercy of whatever your local supermarket happens to have on hand when you go in to shop.

Best of all, when you grow from herb garden kits, all you have to do is reach over to your windowsill while cooking and pluck a handful of fresh herbs in order to round out your recipe and meal. There's nothing quite like having fresh herbs to cook with and infuse your main dishes with. Rosemary chicken, cilantro for fresh guacamole and homemade salsa, and sage for zesty breads or chicken soup are just a couple of reasons why every kitchen should feature herb garden kits.