We all want our homes to be secure, and know that our possessions are safe. But how? If your budget is tight, you can get hidden wall safes for the home that can hide special possessions away from intruders.

Looks Just Like an Outlet

1 X Hidden Wall Safe
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This Fake Clock Makes a Great Wall Safe

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 You can make it difficult if they do manage to break in, to find those special valuables in a hurry. Most intruders grab what they can see, so if you put away your special valuables in a good hiding spot, chances are they will not find them.

You can get cheap hidden safes for the home that can be put anywhere an electrical outlet would go. These hidden wall safes, are a great way to keep small pieces safe, and yet not look intrusive or obvious to anyone else.

Fake Electrical Outlet Wall Safe

These are electrical outlet "fakes".  You simply cut a hole in your drywall the size of the outlet box, install the box, and then install the face which looks like an authentic electrical outlet. To an intruder, this is not going to stand out, unless he plans on checking all the electrical outlets in the house.

Hidden Air Vent Safe

Gun Safe in a Working Clock

Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock Gun Concealment Diversion Safe
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These are affordable, usually under 20 dollars, and you could get a few of them. They are private and secure. These types of hidden spots, may be better than a locked strong box, because they are harder to hide and are portable once an intruder finds them. Having something that is right under their nose but not obvious may be a better way to go for home security and guarding your special possessions.

By having a few of these  around the home, you could split up your valuables and this gives them a better chance of surviving a home invasion.

 But when it comes to home security, you should take a few steps to help ensure the safety of your home, even before the intruder gets in the door.

Security Cameras

Outside Cameras

Start with an outdoor camera system, if you can't afford this kind of security, you can get fake cameras. Make them somewhat noticeable. These are quite cheap to buy. Put a sticker on the door that says you have camera surveillance on the property.

Sensor Lighting

Have sensor lights that come on when they sense movement on your driveway or front porch, this can put off an intruder who thought he was getting the benefit of the darkened night for his invasion.

Timed Lights

You can also put a few of your indoor lights on a timer, so it looks like someone is home as various rooms light up or turn off.

Don't Hide Keys

As much as you may love the convenience of hiding the door key outside somewhere, this can cause all kinds of problems, especially if you have kids, who may let friends see where the key is. It is just best to not hide keys outside when it comes to home security.

Once you have the outside looking secure, then you can decide where to put your valuables. If you get the type that looks like an electrical outlet,  or even a clock, then try not to make it to obvious, such as right beside a real outlet. Maybe tuck it behind some furniture for example.

It all depends on how often you will need to get into this safe of yours. If you need it a lot, such as to take out jewelry for example, then you don't want to be constantly hauling couches away from the wall.

Don't let everyone see you going into this wall safe, make sure you are alone or with a trusted partner.

 Before You Sell

If you have a few of these, then you should tell at least your partner, or one trusted friend, or put it in your living will or will, so that if you become incapacitated, or unable to think for yourself, and have to move out of your home, that at least this secure spot would be found, before the house is sold.

I have friends who deal with this all the time. One friend, who manages a thrift store, has seen boxes of clothes, shoes and books come in when family members have had to clean out a house of an aging relative.

Many older people did not trust banks, and got creative hiding their valuables in their home. But would have wanted other family members to have these valuables after they passed on. But in many cases they did not tell anyone where these valuables were.

My friend has seen those fake books, that open up with space for money, she has seen money bills tucked tight into the toes of shoes and more. You even have to watch the pantry, as you can get fake cans of soup that are really a hiding place for valuables.

The idea is to make everyday items your "safe place" so that intruders don't get their hands on valuables. But this can backfire if you don't tell at least one trusted person where these valuables are. Once you have let one trusted person know where your valuables are, then you can hide them from intruders.

Cheap hidden wall safes for the home are a great place to keep valuables out of sight, if you do not want to keep them in the bank in a safety deposit box. They would be great for extra money, special coins, or bits of jewellery, as these hidden wall safes, such as the fake electrical outlet are not that big.

So, if you are someone that likes to keep your valuables with you, then you should look into hidden wall safes for the home. You can get cheap ones, such as the fake electrical outlet online at such places as Amazon.

They are not hard to install, and can give you the piece of mind you are looking for. Leaving valuables laying around can be asking for trouble, especially if you can see them through a window. So, if you are looking for a bit of extra home security, then look into these hidden wall safes for the home.

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