Hockey Elbow Pads for Sale

Hockey is an all around physical sport. The full contact nature of hockey makes the right pair of hockey elbow pads important. You're going to be mixing it up on offense and defense. You want to make sure your elbows are protected with the right set of pads.

Why Do You Need Hockey Elbow Pads?

Of course you won't be deliberately throwing elbows into anyones jaws, but you want to know your elbows won't get damaged if you do. On accident, of course. If you're worried about maintaing flexibility and staying loose, you definitely do not want to forego wearing elbow pads.

When you're carrying the puck you're going to have defenders bouncing off you, throwing their bodies into you and poking their stick around you. There are going to be quite a bit of inadvertent strikes made to your arms. If you don't have hockey elbow pads on you're going to pay the price.

Where Can You Buy Hockey Elbow Pads?

Most hockey rinks have a pro shop attached to it. There they sell everything form wear bottles, and hockey sticks to ice skates and elbow pads. You want to make sure the pair of pads fit right so buying them from an offline store might be your best option.

If you want to look for hockey elbow pads online, you can find them at a number of hockey specific online retailers. carries a selection of elbow pads. If you know what brand you want and what fits you best, you can probably order them from there with no problem. Make sure you check the return policy of the online retailer you decide to purchase them from. You don't want to get stuck with a pair of pads you can't use.

How Much Do Hockey Elbow Pads Cost?

The normal set of elbow pads will cost around $25 for juniors and $40 for seniors. The ultimate price will be determined by the brand, and size you choose to buy. You can find discounted elbow pads online if you do enough searching around the web.

Most pro shops carry hockey elbow pads and they are usually more expensive than what you can find online. You'll regularly pay up to $70 per pair of elbow pads. That probably isn't worth it considering you can find them cheaper online. Do a little homework, do a little searching around and find pads that are reasonably priced.

The Pieces of Hockey Elbow Pads.

There are multiple areas your elbow pads should be protecting. You want to make sure your pads are built to protect your biceps as well as the right area for potential slashes. A good elbow pad will have a bicep pad, a side elbow pad, a slash guard and an elbow cap. Each piece is built to protect from someone separate.

The slash guard comes down the forearm from the elbow cap. It is positioned in a place so it catches any slashes from behind. It stops the slashing stick before it can come in contact with the forearm. The elbow cap is a hard piece of plastic that protects from all levels of physical contact. It can do some damage if you were to say, put it in someones jaw on accident.

The bicep cap doesn't get a ton of abuse, but it is a good piece of armor to have. You never know when someone is skating behind you ready to Barry Bonds you with their stick. If your elbow pads have a good bicep pad attached, you can let them slug away. If that actually happens to you, remember how hard your elbow cap is, you might want to use it.

When you're picking out your hockey elbow pads make sure they are comfortable to wear and they protect you completely. Not wearing the right pair of hockey elbow pads can lead to serious bruising and injury.