Cheap Hockey Gear: What To Do to Get The Best Equipment

Cheap hockey gear is often a more prudent investment in your kids' sports lives that buying new gear. New hockey gear can be pretty expensive, and if your kids are of the age where they grow in spurts (and what kid isn't, you might rightly ask), you'll find yourself buying new sets every season. The basic approach is very similar: figure out what you need, make a list, check sizes, check options, and get the equipment. Let's see how to do these things effectively and get the best deals on your hockey gear shopping experience.

Cheap Hockey Gear: Realistic Reusable Retro GearCheap Hockey Gear

First, see what equipment you can use from last year. If you've got a pre-prepared list of required hockey gear, this will be easier. Things like guards and pads can be reused unless your little 'un has done an incredible hulk on you and grown more than a couple of sizes while you were looking the other way. If you can minimize your purchases, your cheap hockey gear can be a whole lot cheaper. But be realistic when reusing gear – your child has to think it still fits, not you. Uncomfortable gear can put all but the most dedicated hockey kids off the sport, and you definitely don't want that as a side effect when trying to save a dollar.

If The Shoe Fits…Write the Size Down

Your next step might be to check out what new sizes you will need to purchase. A good idea here would be to take them to a store and have them try out new gear to see what sizes they require in each piece of equipment. Make a list and mark the right size for each piece of gear, and use that as your reference list when you actually do your shopping. Just so your kids don't get too depressed by this exercise, you could offer to buy them one piece of new equipment, like a stick or skates, or be creative and offer to take them for ice-cream or pizza in exchange for smiles on their faces when trying on gear they know they're not going to buy. Remember that they're just kids, and won't know about budgets and cash crunches so the onus is on you to make this a painless experience while achieving your objective.

Sources of Cheap Hockey Gear

Now that you've got your checklist marked with appropriate sizes, it's time to look for options. There are a couple of ways to go about this. One way would be to go to your local hockey rink (either ice or in-line) and put up a poster with your equipment and size requirements. Parents of older kids would love to get some cash for their gear so they can reduce expenses on their next set of equipment. In fact, you could do the same and try and balance out the cost of gear even more. Another option would be to look through the classifieds to see what deals are in there. You can also contact a hockey instructor and see if he can put you in touch with someone who might have what you need.

Cheap Hockey Gear: Inline Online

Yet another option would be to surf the net, where you can get some amazing deals. In fact, with this option, you might come across websites like where you can get great "deals of the day", like a pair of Reebok Youth Extendable ice hockey skates for $70 against a list price of $110. With smart choices like this, you can use the equipment for several seasons and save a whole bunch of cash that you would normally spend getting fresh equipment every year.

If you've got your eyes wide open there are tons of options for cheap hockey gear, and you can come away satisfied that you got the best bargains possible, while making your kids happy in the process.