Cheap Hockey Gloves: Mystical Paths To Your Heart's Desire

Probably one of the first things you're going to want to do once you've decided to go in for a new pair of hockey gloves is to fix your budget. When you know how much you're willing to pay for a piece of equipment, amazingly, you start coming across several instances that lead you to the best deals – like this article for example. There was a reason why you clicked through to read this; perhaps it's going to provide an answer to your search for cheap hockey gloves.

Cheap Hockey Gloves: Do The NewCheap Hockey Gloves

Everybody loves new things and hockey players are no different from anyone else when it comes to this. Your natural tendency would be to look at brand new equipment, so go with your gut feeling – there may be some surprises in there for you. A natural assumption would be that branded hockey gloves are pretty expensive and your budget won't allow you near them. That's true for the most part, but not entirely. In fact, nearly every one of the dozen or more manufacturers of hockey gloves that put out pro equipment is bound to have at least one model that they've designed for the not-so-hefty pocketbook. Let's take a look at these before considering "previously cherished" equipment.

Cheap Hockey Gloves a la CCM

CCM has a model called the 4-roll that retails at discount for a very reasonable $35. And if you think that at those prices, all they can offer is a piece of cloth to be tied around the palm of your hand, check out their features. First, a 3-piece articulated thumb that lets you make those minute adjustments in grip that you need to make those star moves on the ice. Second, a completely redesigned 4-roll backhand with ethafoam blocks and PE inserts for maximum impact absorption. Third, they have leather palms that will last you a whole lot longer than the piece of cloth that you had in mind. Fourth, a mobile cuff roll with PE inserts to give you great protection while keeping your movement unhindered. Fifth, they're installed with pro quality anti-bacterial comfort liners that will be germ-free. All these features should be enough to convince you that there are great products out there for fair and reasonable prices, and free of the usual symptoms of economy models.

This One Will Give You The Vapors

The Bauer Vapor X:20 is another one of these cheap hockey gloves that don't look cheap and certainly don't perform in an inferior way compared to more expensive gloves. Mid-density foam gives you the "rigid softness" typical of gloves that have found the perfect blend of protection and comfort. The hydrophobic (water-hating) mesh liner keeps your hands and the gloves dry, and your grip strong and controlled. The 2-piece segmented fingers with the stretch gussets give you perfectly tensioned finger capability, while the double-layered Clarino nash palm adds to the quality of the grip. Finally, the dynamic ego thumb eliminates those clunky gloved movements of a poorly gloved hand. All this plus the elegance and respect that goes with Bauer equipment, for a mere $35, ought to be considered a great deal by any standards.

A Synergy of Economy And Function

The Easton Synergy EQ1 is even more affordable. At an unbelievable $28, this has got to be one of the most inexpensive pieces of pro equipment on the market. The 4-roll back design makes an appearance here are well, as does the 2-piece finger construction, to give you maximum mobility for stick handling. The shell is made of polyester, making it light-weight and durable; the microfiber palm is also designed for maximum durability as well as grip. Available in stunning black and navy blue with printed detailing, these beauties will break hearts rather than banks.

Good Places For Used, Cheap Hockey Gloves

If you're still not happy with any of the new versions of cheap hockey gloves, then you can opt for pre-owned gloves. You should be able to get some good deals on pro equipment going cheap if you get online and into a couple of good internet resources. One such is the online hockey community; this vast pool of amateur and pro players and hockey enthusiasts should ideally make for some good hunting. Tons of equipment changes hands through these forums, and could be one of the lucky ones at the receiving end of a good bargain. Your other options include eBay and Craigslist, which can throw up some interesting searches that need to be followed through to completion – the effort is worth it because what you're likely to end up with is a great pair of cheap hockey gloves that can give you years of useful service.