There are very few things in the outdoors here in North America that can compare to a good hog hunt. It ranks right up there with going after that dangerous trophy bear. People often are after that rush and trust me it comes when you are being chased up a tree but a monster boar with razor sharp tusks. This article is gonna help everybody reading at home feel that rush with some cheap hog hunts.

Now there are several factors to keep in mind but first things first the location is the most important. I say that because not everybody lives nearby an exotics ranch or is willing to fly halfway across the country. So in order for us to really find you guys the best cheap hog hunts let's offer some from various spots across the country.

We will start off in Senecaville, Ohio at the White Oak Exotic Hunting Preserve. It's a 500-acre farm and you will pay anywhere from $450-650 depending on the size of the boar. I'm unsure if it is correct but the rumor is that during certain times of the year the price can be as low as $400.

Next up we have Stony Fork Hunts which is in the lower New York area. These are pure Russian boar roaming on an open 500-acre farm which can make it challenging at times. That can be good or bad depending on the hunter. There is a flat $450 fee and I believe that includes cutting and packaging the meat as well.

But if you really are looking for cheap hog hunts then it is extremely hard to beat this small operation in Malone, Texas. It is a privately run operation on a 6,000-acre ranch which is loaded with wild hogs. Your choice of weapon at just $75.00 a day with or without dogs. But on the dog hunts you are guaranteed to leave with an animal. If you are interested in that route then contact Kirk at 254-580-3316 and they will get you all fixed up.

So what can you expect on one of these cheap hog hunts? Well it all depends on the area, guide and weapon for the adventure. If it is more open area it should rather simple allowing you a good shot before they get too close to do any damage. However if it is real thick wilderness then you could potentially find yourself up close and personal before your even able to drop aim.

The dog hunts make it easier as well as well-trained ones will round them back to you for an open shot and protect you as well. I have been on several cheap hog hunts with and without dogs and it makes a huge difference. Even with dogs I have seen a grown man forced up a tree with a pack of boar biting at his heels.

Even if you do find a good place for cheap hog hunts going in with the wrong weapon could leave you empty handed at the end of the day. Some places offer bow hunts and pistol hunts but in my experience with larger animals those won't even penetrate the thick layer of fat underneath the skin. I'm not joking at all as I've pulled multiple .44 slugs out of a hide as it didn't even get past the fat on the shoulders.

The best results that I've seen are with a 12-gauge slug or high velocity rifle such as a .270 or .300 that cooks right through the boar. If you go this right it gives you the best chance to make the most of your cheap hog hunts.