If space is tight at your house or apartment, and yet you need to run your home business, and stay as organized as possible, then there are a couple ways of organizing a workstation. It all depends on what the nature of your business is, but this might give you some tips that would work well for your home.

 If you need to basically shut up shop in the evening when the kids come home or it is just the end of the day, and you don't want to be staring at your work, then you can try a few of these products that are on the market now. This keeps chaos in the home to a minimum if you organize it right for your home life and your business life.

The first idea, is great for a portable station, especially if your business is something crafty, such as jewelry making, RC cars, or any kind of small craft. This station has everything you need, and it becomes very portable when you need it, but it can be closed up at night and pushed away when you don't.

This type of drawers on wheels, comes with lots of compartments for all those small bits, and could save you having boxes and boxes of small bits and supplies laying around. This can be moved to different areas of the room, 



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this is a great place to store craft supplies or work papers and can be rolled into a corner when not in use. You can use the top too.

Trying to keep all your business supplies in one spot can be hard if you don't have a dedicated area for your supplies. The other idea, is to find a dresser drawer at the reuse center or second hand store and clean out the drawers, and even decorate the dresser if you want.

Then invest in lots of those dollar store baskets for storing small items, and then label the drawers. You can fit a lot of business supplies in a large tall dresser. This could still fit in the living room and not look ugly, and is a cheap home office workstation.

As with many small businesses, the paperwork is the biggest part, and you don't want all your papers and orders floating around the kitchen table. You can get expandable folder files to keep all your files in, and then you can use one drawer of the dresser to store your file case in when you are not working on your business. This way it is all in one spot.

So, if you are looking for a cheap home office workstation or hobby table, instead of a traditional desk and worktop, then check these ideas out. Having a portable workstation means you can carry your work anywhere. This is great for any hobby or business. Keeps all the small parts in one place. These specially designed workspaces are a great way to keep everything in one spot especially if you have a small space.

Step out of the box, and look at ideas that are not traditional to an office. You sometimes have to just get a bit creative when coming up with ways to integrate your office and your home life. You don't want to be staring at your business when you are having downtime with your family, and they don't want to be staring at it either.

This keeps your home cleaner and your home office workstation more organized. You will work better this way.

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