Just because the entire budget was wiped out with the wedding and finding an apartment and all the other stuff that goes along with getting married, you deserve a wonderful honeymoon, no matter how cheap.

I am here to give you some ideas to have a wonderful and memorable honeymoon that won't bring up the thought "cheap honeymoon" at all!

Okay, time to get the pen and paper out, start your planning:

Pick someplace close (get a tourist map of the area, you will get some great ideas there.) By picking someplace close, you will save tons on air fare. You will just need a tank of gas and even with the gas prices, you will still save a lot of money.

If you need to fly, choose a cheap airline with cheap tickets. Wow, I seem to be using that word a lot, ok, I will stop, don't' want that word to stay in your head.

Get you hotel reservations online, and watch for coupons. There are so many coupons that you can find on the Internet for a lot of hotels and car rentals. Every penny counts.

Notice, I am avoiding word cheap here because that makes it sound like it lacks quality, when nothing could be farther from the truth. You can find great locations for very little money if you know where to look.

On the hotel shopping, check out sites we have down below in the quick tips. You will be able to get the absolute lowest prices that way.

Another great help for cheap honeymoons is to look for all-inclusive packages, that have your honeymoon package all in one. You can save quite a bit this way, if…you can find it less expensive then the more expensive ones. (Much better right?)

Have you thought about a cruise?

Cruises make great cheap honeymoons. Alright…I am trying, ok? It is hard to not use the "cheap" word when I am talking about saving money on honeymoons. I will refer to them from now on as "inexpensive honeymoons." How is that for creativity?

Anyway, back to the cruises, you can find some great prices on inexpensive packages that will be great for your honeymoon. That would be very romantic, out on the ocean, visiting all the cool ports, and not spending any money, because all of your food is included. Cool huh?

So, congratulations and have a wonderful inexpensive honeymoon and make sure to take lots of pictures. You will have the time of your life.

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