If you are looking for cheap horse trailers for sale, you would find this article useful. You might be pleased to find out that there are actually many good and cheap horse trailers for sale in the market. There are many models available for you to choose from, mainly the Sundowner, Featherlite, Titan and many more. These manufacturers offer a wide range of selection, which would make you spoilt for choice.

Finding Cheap Horse Trailers for sale

There are a few methods to search for a discount trailer. Depending on the model you want, whether you want a bumper pull design or a gooseneck design, the internet is the best place for you to start your search. It is highly recommended that you start searching online so that you can survey the prices from different stores. It allows you to compare prices and helps you save time. When browsing through the manufacturer's site to search for cheap horse trailers, they usually have online brochures detailing the specifications of their trailer. Take the time to read through their websites and choose the model that you like.

Another alternative to finding cheap horse trailers is to check out sites like Craigslist or eBay, where people are selling them second hand. You can use Craigslist to identify potential sellers in your area and arrange an inspection with them to verify the condition. In the internet age, more and more people are resorting to online avenues to dispose their second hand belongings. Another popular site to search is on eBay as it has a wide selection of cheap horse trailers. There are many owners trying to sell their used trailer on the internet. However, do note that if you are buying from an interstate seller, you might have to pick it up yourself or pay expensive shipping fees to have it delivered to you. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough, you may still find cheap horse trailers for sale. You may never know, the seller might be living in your area.

If you are more old-fashioned and like to do it the conventional way, you might also want to check out newspaper classifieds for cheap horse trailers. Remember, not all owners are well versed with the internet, so by looking at newspaper classifieds, you would be getting a wider range of sellers for you to choose from. Sometimes, it pays to do it the old fashioned way so that you would not miss out on any good deals available.

With the internet, it is not hard to find cheap horse trailers if you have the patience to do your research. Of course, the older the year of manufacture, the cheaper it would be because of the wear and tear. So, some people prefer to get themselves a new one. Here are some newer models for you to consider when searching for cheap horse trailers.

Cheap Horse Trailers - Bumper Pull

The bumper pull type is a smaller version of the trailer, fitting about 3 horses. The price of a bumper pull trailer is often cheaper because of its smaller size. It is also easier to hook up to your truck because of the easy-fit mechanism. Let's take a look at some of the popular models of the bumper pull type.


SunLite 727

Stampede SL

SunLite C-525


Model 8551, 9401, 9407

Cheap Horse Trailers - Gooseneck

The gooseneck type is a larger version of the trailer, fitting up to 8 horses. These are more expensive because it is larger and is more stable during travel. It provides a more comfortable rideyou're your animal. However, do note that it is harder to hook it up to your vehicle. Here are some of the popular models of the gooseneck type.


SunLite 725

SunLite 730

Stampede SL

SunLite 777 SR


Model 8527, 8541-L, 9810

With the information gained from this article, I wish you all the best in finding cheap horse trailers for sale to save yourself money. Have a look around and I bet that you will definitely find a suitable model for yourself.