Top 10 cheap hotels in Barcelona

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When traveling to Spain one might want to find cheap hotels in Barcelona that offer good value for the monies spent.  While hotels in Barcelona city centre may be a bit pricier one can still find budget hotels in Barcelona in this popular and convenient area.  When searching for Barcelona accommodations one should always check for internet deals and vouchers that are available online and offer great savings to travelers. Some of the best of the cheap hotels in Barcelona include:

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1. The H10 Montcada is a chain hotel that is always reliable for spotlessly clean and cheerful rooms. Be sure to request an upper floor room so that the city noises are not disturbing. The hotel offers a nice buffet breakfast each morning that is a great bonus for the budget-minded traveler.  

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2. Hostal L’Antic Espai is a charming little place to stay. Although the rooms are small and the bathrooms tiny, the great price and rooms filled with antiques are sure to please most travelers.  Free Wi-Fi is offered and the hosts’ hospitality is superb.

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3. The popular Room-Mate chain has a location in Barcelona now called room-Mate Emma.  The rooms are rather minimalist-modern in décor and design. The free buffet breakfast is served until noon daily for guests.  Wi-Fi is included in the room rates and the chain prides itself on excellent service to the customer.

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4. Hotel Constanza offers richly decorated earth tone rooms at a wonderful price.  It is one of the smaller and more intimate of the cheap hotels in Barcelona.  The staff is friendly and very helpful.  Breakfast is pricy but by searching for internet deals one can often find a special that will include the meal and offer a discount on the rates as well.

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5. Market Hotel offers great value to those who are looking to stay in one of the many nice but cheap hotels in Barcelona.  For these prices one will find nice décor, a great shower and free mineral water and apples daily.  Rooms are clean and well-cared for making this a nice hotel experience.

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6. Axel Hotel Barcelona offers a spa and nice rooms.  While not a strictly gay hotel it does have a mainly homosexual clientele. One should not stay here if homoerotic art is unacceptable to him or her.  That aside, this is one of the most accommodating and service oriented hotels on this list.  The buffet breakfast is often discounted or included if one searches for an internet deal or voucher online before reserving a room.

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7. Hotel Soho offers rooms decorated in black and white.  The Soho offers a rooftop pool and sunbathing area that is exceptionally nice in a hotel in this price range.  This is a great place to stay for its convenience to the airport. Budget rooms are small, clean and offer beautiful fresh linens.  This is not a hotel with a lot of extras but it is accommodating, offering free Wi-Fi throughout and coffee and tea is complimentary in the afternoons.

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8. Villa Emilia is a boutique hotel that offers great deals, features tea and biscuits late every afternoon and offers calm and peaceful rooms within a minute of public transit.  This hotel has a happening bar, a nice lounge area and a gorgeous rooftop terrace. The service is always superb and guests rave about their stays here.  This is one of the nicest of the cheap hotels in Barcelona.

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9. Denit Barcelona offers a great location and decent, clean rooms.  Rates are quite good given the central location.  Beds are comfy and baths are spotlessly clean. One can get free WiFi in the lobby and there are public use computer terminals available.  Service is congenial and the staff is knowledgeable. 

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10. Hotel Curious is a nice budget hotel that offers clean and affordable rooms and great prices.  Rooms are rather minimalist but have wall mounted TVs and free Wi-Fi.  A decent continental breakfast is included in the room rates.

One can find great budget-friendly cheap hotels in Barcelona and with deals and specials found on the internet one can get some great packages, find nice extras, and find even sharper savings.