Top Ten Cheap Hotels In Madrid

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Finding cheap hotels in Madrid need not be a difficult task.  Not only will an internet search reveal the best budget hotels in Madrid but it can also highlight special offers, internet-only deals, and even printable vouchers that can offer added savings when booking Madrid accommodations. One should keep in mind that hotels in the Madrid city centre may be more convenient but might also be a bit more expensive. The best of the cheap hotels in Madrid include:

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1. HRC is a comfortable and personable little hotel.  It is in a great location and while this is a more central location it is a more residential and less touristy neighborhood.  There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.  The rooms are tastefully appointed with very well equipped baths.  Breakfast is served in a nice little café and one can find internet deals that will include breakfast in the room rate.

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2. Gala is a newer one of the best cheap hotels in Madrid.  It is a no frills place that offers simple, clean rooms.  The hotel is located on the second floor, with an elevator, of an older Madrid building.  The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and modern baths.  This is the kind of place a no-nonsense traveler would want to return to again and again.

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3. Las Meninas offers rooms in a six story building many of which have classic wrought iron ensconced balconies.  This hotel is two minutes from public transit making the whole city accessible from this spot.  The rooms are tidy with plasma TVs and spacious baths.  Breakfast is served daily.  Wi-Fi is free in public areas. This is a nice hotel that has great deals that can often be found online.

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4. Vincci SoMa is a hotel that is in a more residential and less touristy area that is full of wonderful boutiques, unique shops, and great cafes.  It is a bright and cheerful hotel that focuses on its guests’ comfort.  All rooms offer free Wi-Fi.  This hotel is known for its superior service and for often offering online discounts that can be found by doing an internet search.

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5. Chi & Basic Atocha offers simple rooms at great prices.  Public transit is close to the hotel which is an added convenience.  Beds are comfortable and the showers are always hot and with good pressure.  The hotel offers its guests free Wi-Fi as well.  There is a comfortable roof terrace with lounge chairs and an outdoor shower.  There is a help yourself area offers tea and snacks at no extra charge, a little breakfast sack will be hanging from the doorknob of your room when you awaken each morning.  This is one of the most accommodating and friendliest of the cheap hotels in Madrid.

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6. Plaza Mayor is a basic and clean hotel offering rooms that are right in the center of town.  There is free Wi-Fi and a work desk in most rooms.  The large baths offer a shower, only a few also have baths.  The service is personal and the staff is friendly and somewhat casual. 

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7. Hesperia is a comfortable hotel that offers proximity to public transit from a less tourist-filled district.  Standard rooms are fairly traditional and the hotel is pet friendly. The hotel offers a great gym for its guests use.  Try to get a bargain rate with breakfast included at this hotel by searching online; otherwise breakfast here should be skipped if budget is important.  This is one of the cheap hotels in Madrid that is attached to a more expensive restaurant.

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8. Lusso Infantas is a peaceful hotel that offers pleasant, simple rooms with plasma televisions, wooden floors, nice work desks, and free Wi-Fi.  Breakfast is often included in deals or packages that can be found online.  Also, one can likely find nice discounts on stays of three or more nights.

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9. Flat5 is on the fifth floor of a nice apartment building.  It is somewhat no-frills and yet it has a certain charm.  The metro is close to the hotel and offers access to the tourist areas and shopping in the city. The rooms and baths are not large, but are clean and welcoming.  Wardrobes have mirrored doors.  There is air conditioning, TVs, and even DVD players in the room.  The staff is friendly and helpful.

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10. El Pasaje is a hotel in a century plus old building.  It is quite basic but is clean and adequate. Rooms are small but the rates are beyond reasonable.  Rooms have air-conditioning, mini-bars, televisions and safes, and a cable internet connection which are all wonderful features, especially in this price range. This is one of the most bargain priced of the cheap hotels in Madrid.  Most room rates include a buffet breakfast served in a nearby café.

Remember to look for those online discounts and savings offers in order to make the most of the savings when booking these cheap hotels in Madrid.