If you are looking for cheap hotels in Adelaide, then you are in luck. It is not impossible to find cheap hotels in Adelaide as the best deals will most of the time be on the internet. Whether you are looking to stay for holiday purposes or for work purposes, finding an affordable place to stay would help save your money. The large and famous names can be pretty expensive, but you can often locate cheap hotels in Adelaide by searching the web. Doing this certainly beats going to various travel agencies as it is much faster and easier.

Cheap Hotels in Adelaide CBD

Most of the accommodation in the CBD is run by well known names, such as Hilton, Hyatt and Stamford. These places offer comfort and style and will cost you in a price range of around $250 a night. If you have the money to spend on luxury - good on you! However, you may be surprised that it is possible to find cheap hotels in Adelaide CBD if you know where to look. Of course, they may not be as luxurious as the 5-star ones, but for the price that you are paying, it is certainly a good deal. For example, the Quest Mansions Serviced Apartments offer rooms from around $110 per night and the City Park Motel which costs around $120. That's more than a hundred dollars saved on accommodation a day. Staying in cheap hotels in Adelaide CBD is more convenient there are easily accessible public transport like trains, trams and busses and various landmarks in the city to visit. If you are here on working purposes, you may like the fact that most of the businesses are located in the city.

Cheap Hotels in Adelaide Surrounding

Besides staying in the city, a cheaper option would be staying in its surrounding areas. For those who are looking for peace and quietness, the suburbs may be more suitable for you. There are quite a number of cheap hotels in Adelaide surrounding. Since they are not located in the populated urban area, the accommodation prices are cheaper. Places such as the Marion Holiday Park offer rooms starting from $94. Staying at cheap hotels in Adelaide surrounding would keep you away from the busyness of the city while allowing you to have easy access to public transportation. Traffic congestions are pretty uncommon during normal hours, so time would not be wasted on travelling. Living in the suburbs will definitely save you more money than staying in the heart of town without sacrificing comfort. Cars can be rented at a low cost from various car rental companies. Do note that parking in town is quite costly and there are limited spaces to park.

Cheap Hotels in Adelaide Beachside

The seaside makes a good place to stay for vacation especially during the summer. Some beach resorts charge a hefty amount for rooms especially during peak seasons. Besides these types of resorts, there are cheap hotels in Adelaide beachside if you care to look. There are many popular beaches for you to sunbathe and swim such as Glenelg and Henley Beach. Places such as the Glenelg Motel charges around $95 a night while more upmarket properties charge close to $200 per night. Since most of your time would probably be spent at the beach, these cheap hotels in Adelaide beachside are a perfect option for combined fun and comfort. If you choose to stay in Glenelg, there is a tram service which runs to the city, making it very convenient for holiday makers. Besides that, you can choose from a wide range of dining places at the beach to have a romantic dinner.

Cheap Hotels in Adelaide Hills

The Hills is well known for its tranquillity and nature. This area is popular for nature lovers who want to explore the beauty of the hills and also for adventure lovers who love biking through the many trails available. During the summer, you can participate in cherry picking or strawberry picking from the many farms located there. Due to its secluded nature, there are fewer accommodation choices in the hills so you may find that staying there is slightly more expensive due to less competition. One of the cheap hotels in Adelaide Hills is the Hahndorf Resort which charges about $100 if you book early, giving you an excellent deal on accommodation. There are also many other places offering bed and breakfast type accommodation if you prefer a more pampered holiday. Although there are fewer cheap hotels in Adelaide Hills, you should be able to find yourself a good deal on the internet.

From the things covered in this article, there are so many cheap hotels in Adelaide, all of which have their advantages. No matter where you are looking to stay, you'll be sure to find a good deal on the internet and be able to explore South Australia without worrying so much about the cost.