Hotels in Italy are guaranteed to be the best accommodations anywhere, even the cheap hotels in Italy will be a pleasant experience.

As you may know, Italy is one of the bigger tourist sites in the world and has an unlimited choice of hotels, inns, villas and bed and breakfasts to meet your personal taste.

If you are on a budget, then you are probably focused on finding some nice but cheap hotels in Italy. Or maybe you want to stay in complete luxury or even want to know what its like to stay in the home of an Italian villager.

There are places that can accommodate large groups or tours, keeping you all together. The largest international hotel chains all have hotels in Italy, so you can choose to stay with a place you are accustomed to, especially in Rome.

There are going to be a lot of needs to meet, and you will find something to meet everyone's choice. But if you want to really experience Italy, we recommend you stay at a small bed and breakfast.

These are owned and run by families and you will be filled with some great stories of life there, their folklore and probably some little known facts that you will never find in any guide book. Some of them also may include a round trip ticket from London.

If you want to travel in style, they you will want to check out the hotels in Venice Italy. Once you are there you should check out the Novecento Boutique Hotel. This is a very chic bed and breakfast that offers luxurious accommodations and is family run. The airport is only 30 minutes away and they offer free Internet services.

While having the modern needs met, they still are able to maintain the old Venetian feel that even the most discerning guest will appreciate. It has only 9 rooms and is very close to many of Venice's main attractions, and it is better suited for pairs or small groups. The rooms are decorated with antiques that have been collected by the owners through their own world travels. The bathrooms are spacious and quaint.

If you are in Venice, this will be the perfect place to stay. Hotels in Florence Italy will include a place called The Artist's Residence.

Florence represents the artistic soul of Italy, and this is a bed and breakfast that is so perfect to experience the renaissance there. You will find this place in the middle of Old Florence. It is furnished with sculptures created by a 19th century sculptor Giovanni Dupree.

The bed and breakfast is now owned by his descendants. The floors are the original Florentine tiles and the bar counter used to be a confessional from 1500 AD. The food is claimed to be exquisite, and if you want to visit other restaurants, you will find many all around close by.

Whether you are looking for cheap hotels in Italy or a 5 star luxury hotel, you will find everything you are looking for, right there in Italy.

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