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One of the most beautiful and history-filled city in Europe, one can certainly find comfortable and clean cheap hotels in Prague.  Hotels in Prague’s City Centre can be found at bargain prices, especially if one searches for deals on Prague accommodations online by looking for internet specials or vouchers that offer savings. Budget hotels in Prague that are worthy of being on a list of the top cheap hotels in Prague include:

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1. Hotel Vysocansky is a sort walk to public transit. One can then travel almost anywhere in this city from this hotel.  Rooms are basic but have their own toilets and showers.  This is a friendly little hotel that offers good accommodations at a low price.

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2. Hotel Pankrac offers a good location close to the subway. Rooms are modern and well-equipped with ensuite baths.  Rooms have satellite television.  Some rooms are non-smoking.  There is staff available to meet the needs of guest at all times.  Room rates include a hearty and delicious breakfast buffet.

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3. The Hotel Old Prague is in the heart of the city.  Not all rooms are air-conditioned and it is available in a few for a fee.  There are both private and shared baths that are clean and well-equipped.  Rooms do offer satellite TV and telephones.  For those willing to look online for a deal one can find a rate that will include a breakfast buffet along with a discounted room rate.  This is one of the more no frills but clean and tidy of the cheap hotels in Prague.

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4. Hotel Stirka offers a quitter location and is about 15 minutes by bus from the city center.  It offers clean and well-appointed rooms with a bath, television, and telephone.  There is free Wi-Fi and pets are welcome.  This is a nice little establishment for those that want to be a little distance from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

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5. Hotel Apollo is located in a residential section in the north of Prague. The hotel offers a magnificent panoramic view of Prague. The hotel is a short bus ride to the city center. Rooms are well equipped and bathrooms are included, although not all have showers.  Television and telephones are also included in the rooms.  Pets are welcome. This is a hotel with one of the loveliest views of all of those that are the top cheap hotels in Prague.

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6. Hotel Florentina Boat is a unique lodging experience. Rooms are in a ship that is anchored in the Vltava River in the center of Prague.  There are 50 cabins in the hotel and it offers wonderful views.  Accommodations include a bath with shower, air-conditioning, TV and radio.  There is a complementary buffet breakfast included in the room rates.  This is one of the most unique of the cheap hotels in Prague and great deals can be found for this establishment by searching the internet for online specials that will offer great savings.

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7. Hotel U Pava is within walking distance to most of the more famous city sites.  Rooms are full of antique art and are nicely appointed, comfortable and cheerful.  Rates can be found that will include a buffet breakfast served in the hotel. Rooms have air-conditioning, satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. Ensuite baths are well equipped and clean.  This is a lovely hotel and is great for budget travellers.

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8. Hotel Wertheim is close to public transit which will have one in the center of the city in about ten minutes.  All rooms offer their own bath with shower, TV, telephone, and internet access. Baths are small but are clean and in good working order. The price of the room includes a nice breakfast. This is a nice budget hotel in a quiet area.

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9.  U Svateho Jana Hotel is in the center of Prague.  It is within walking distance of all of the most famous sites in this city. The hotel offers double rooms and apartments that have private baths, satellite TV, and telephones.  There is a breakfast buffet for guests.  The staff is available 24 hours a day and is knowledgeable and helpful.  This is a good value, especially for this location.

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10. Accord Pension offers rooms with a breakfast buffet included in the rates.  Located in the city center this hotel is convenient and well equipped.  Service is a great concern of the staff.  All rooms have their own bath, TV, and coffee and tea making facilities.  The warm and inviting rooms make this one of the best cheap hotels in Amsterdam and a good value for the monies spent.

Always remember to check online for deals and vouchers that could allow one to save more money on these wonderful but cheap hotels in Prague.