Indigo by Clarks shoes womens plush silk pump

Indigo by Clarks shoes are fashionable yet very comfortable women’s shoes. For those who care about fashion, and are not willing to hobble around painfully just to be trendy, Indigo by Clarks shoes for women offer a marriage of fashion with comfort. The designers of Indigo shoes have been inspired by trends in the world’s fashion capitals, including London, Paris and Milan. Users have raved about the fact that one can be comfortable in them even though they have heels. One woman was even able to wear her Indigo by Clarks with broken toes, as they were so comfortable.


Such style and workmanship, coupled with comfort, does not usually come cheap, but with a bit of shopping around, you can find cheap Clarks on sale. That said, Clarks shoes are quite reasonably priced for their quality, with many models retailing for around $100, so you should have plenty of affordable options.

Indigo by Clarks shoes womens berry blossom flats is s great site to shop for Indigo by Clarks shoes. On Amazon, you can also get free shipping on many of these shoes, which helps you save even more. They have thongs and sandals starting out as low as $30.00. At this price, you can get, for instance, the Garbo sandal, an elegant and playful option with polka-dotted straps in Lavender and Marine colors. These will go great with a summer outfit.


If flats are more your style, consider the indigo by Clarks Women's Berry Blossom Flat, available at a very affordable $40-80, also on These leather flats are comfortable, sporty and durable, and yet chic in a casual way. Perfect fashion choice for a busy woman on the go.


A very reasonably priced boot sold on Amazon is the indigo by Clarks Women's Water Row Boot. Retailing for around $100, these classic yet modern boots are laced up and have a tapering heel, they have received rave reviews from customers, although one complained that the angle caused a strain on her foot arch. Yet, most customers seemed very happy with these women’s boots.


For something really playful and whimsical, consider Women's Yacht Sandal with Ankle Strap. This one costs only about $40.00, and has a flirtatious look to it, with leather straps crisscrossing over the heel and the ankles. They are lightweight and have a comfy leather footbed, offering good cushioning and support to your arches.


Another good place to look for cheap Clarks online is They offer an extensive selection, including the Indigo by Clarks Ruched Leather Ankle Boots with Side Zip, which retails on QVC for $100. This pair is a customer’s favorite on QVC, and have cross-stitching around the border, and a side zip.


If you’re into pumps, Indigo has those too. Their Leather Pumps w/ Buckle Detail go well with skirts and pants, and are thus a perfect complement to a work outfit. These retail on QVC for about $85.00.


While you can save money buying your Clarks shoes online, one risk, of course, is that you do not get to try them on first. Not to worry, J.C. Penney is one of many brick-and-mortar retailers that stock these shoes on sale. You should also be able to get good deals there. At the very least, you can see them for yourself and try some pairs on for size, and then decide whether to buy from them or to look for the same or similar models online.