Buying Cheap Infant Shoes for Your Baby

When your baby is young you may want to find cheap infant shoes. They will be growing out of their shoes rather quickly so it doesn't seem practical to spend any more than is necessary.

When you're looking for cheap infant shoes you want to make sure you find a balance between quality and price. Quality is not important in regards to function as much as it is important that you will be able to live Baby Headbands (34581)with them on your child. If you buy a cheap pair of infant shoes that look cheap too, you'll end up spending more money replacing them.

If instead you find a pair of infant shoes that are practical in price and nice enough for you to live with, you will save money in the long run.

There are a few online retailers where you can find cheap infant shoes. My favorites are and If you search the inventories of those online retailers you can be sure to find cheap infant shoes you can live with.

On average an infants shoe should cost between $10 and $20 with some prices going above or below those marks.

How to pick out baby shoes

When you're picking out shoes for your baby there are a couple basic things you should consider. Most importantly you should buy what you like. In all honesty the shoes your baby wears are as much to please you as anybody else.

Make sure the shoes you buy are comfortable for your baby to wear. Obviously your child won't be able to give you a detailed analysis of how comfortable or uncomfortable the shoes you picked out are, but there are ways to make sure they are.

Pick out a pair of shoes that are loose enough to wiggle around a little bit. Allowing for some space will ensure the cheap infant shoes you picked out are comfortable.

Another thing to remember is your child is growing pretty fast. If you buy a pair of shoes that are a perfect fit, they may out grow them in a matter of months, or even less. If you want to pick a pair of cheap infant shoes that will last, buy them a little big. Your baby will eventually grow into them. It really is the best way to get the most mileage out of each pair.

What Material is Best?

When you're picking out the material of the shoes, you want to make sure they are porous enough so their feet can breathe. If the shoes don't allow for any air circulation, their feet will get stinky and wet from the sweat. Choosing a shoe that is made of cloth or soft leather material will give your baby's feet enough air circulation.

A good way to tell if your babies shoes will be comfortable is to see how easily you can bunch one up into a ball. The easier the better. You don't want their shoes to be bulky and restricting. Their leg muscles are not fully developed yet and any added weight will cause them unwanted discomfort.

How Often Will I Need to Buy Shoes?

Give your infant's shoes a check every month or so. Babies grow at different rates so there is no cut and dry formula for this. You should expect to buy shoes every 3-6 months in most cases. How long will be determined by how quickly your tike is growing and how good you are at forecasting their growth by buying a size or two larger.

Should I get laces or velcro?

Of course the whole "cute" factor comes into play here. If it isn't adorable first, then you probably shouldn't consider it, right!? The main thing to consider though, is laces will need to be retied often. Velcro is much more convenient. When you're flying out the door and need to get the shoes on, velcro makes it a breeze. If you do however want to go with a pair of shoes that has laces, make sure you test them out in the store before hand. You'll be dealing with them a lot so make sure they're long enough and easy to tie.

It is important to bring your baby out with you when you're picking out that perfect pair of cheap infant shoes. Try on a few different pairs and pay attention to how they react to each. When you slip on that cute golden pair, you'll know you have a fit.