You probably want cheap ink for printers if you unexpectedly run out of ink. You might have important documents that you need to print out and neither your cartridge nor wallet is full. There was recently a commercial that stated that ink is the most expensive liquid per ounce, more than even oil. By finding ways to conserve ink and get cheap ink for printers you'll be able to cut down on your per page cost and generally make your life run smoother.

Sticking with name brand inks will keep your printer warranty intact and provide you with the best possible prints. You can get cheap hp printer ink and save on other brands just by recycling. Many stores will give you a coupon for bringing in your used ink cartridges which will help you save a few dollars on new ink and help the planet at the same time.

Another way to get the cheapest printer ink is to just conserve it. You may be able to print out less important items in draft mode. You probably won't notice the difference but your printer will use less ink. Also you can try to print things out in just black, because it's usually less expensive then color ink. If both of your cartridges run out at the same time, invest in a dual pack of cartridges which will save you a little bit of money as opposed to buying them separately. Also, avoid reprinting entire documents when you just need one page. You can select the "Print Current Page" function and teach your kids to do the same as it will help you reduce the number of pages that you print out. There are some items, such as photos, that take up a lot of ink. It may be more cost effective to have your pictures printed professionally and you'll get a better quality of print.

A way to drastically save on inkjet printer cartridges is to refill the ink yourself. This can be a messy process and you can possibly ruin your printer if you don't do it correctly. However, with a little patience and practice you can soon be putting in the manual labor an ink jet refill requires and pocket the extra cash. Having an infill kit in your home also allows you to create more ink cartridges as soon as you run out, even if it's in the middle of the night and the stores are closed. If you're fond of working in the middle of the night or you have a term paper due the next day, keep an ink jet refill kit in your house and know how to use it.

There are kiosks in stores and online that will fill the cartridges for you for a small fee. You want to check the current price of the cartridges to make sure you're actually saving money by going this route. You can also shop on eBay for refurbished cartridges. These ink cartridges might not be the same brand, they are probably generic, but they will often state in the listing which printer it's compatible with. You may get a lower quality of print and again run the risk of ruining your printer. However, if you have a cheap printer you might be spending more on ink then the printer is worth. You can often find printers that come with new ink jet cartridges for just a few dollars more than the actual cartridges. It's almost like you buy the ink and you get the printer free. So, if your printer is less expensive you might be more daring in how you choose to save money on inkjet cartridges.

Look for promos. Staples offered a promotion where you could get a year of printer ink at a discounted price but it was only available to a limited number of customers which meant that people had to line up early, sometimes in the cold. Promotions like this can save you hundreds of dollars a year, but you'll need to invest time. Also, if you see your cartridges on sale pay attention to how long they will last. Some eBay sellers recommend storing your ink cartridges upside down so they are still good when you get around to using them. This is especially important when buying ink in bulk; it doesn't save you money if it doesn't work when you need it to.

Another way to get cheap printer ink is to stop using your own printer and start using someone else's. If you are in college many student libraries offer free printing, so take advantage of the computer lab instead of printing at home. If you have a public library you'll probably have to pay by the page, but if you can't afford to buy an entire new cartridge and you just need to print out a few pages it can help save you money.

Save your printer ink by avoiding mistakes. If you've pressed the print button a few times and nothing is happening go to your printer queue and cancel all of the unnecessary print jobs that you've created. Double and triple check the copy of more elaborate printing jobs while it's still on the computer screen to fix any typos. If you are printing multiple copies just try one first to make sure that it comes out the way you want it. This is especially important if you are printing a new format, like an envelope. Don't leave your printer unattended when doing complicated print jobs, it can waste a lot of ink while you are gone.

Another way to get cheap ink for printers is just to buy a more efficient printer. A Kodak printer will cost you more money upfront but the commercials tout that their ink costs you a lot less than their competition. If you print a lot, a new printer might be worth the investment because you'll be making up the difference in the Kodak printer ink savings.

Printer ink is an expensive, but essential part of life. By cutting down on what and how you print and pairing it with inkjet savings you can reduce your household budget.