Cheap Inversion Table

Inversion Therapy Tables:

If you suffer from chronic body aches, finding a cheap inversion table may be the solution you are looking for to help relieve the stress and tension in your back.  Inversion therapy is generally accepted as a safe way to extend the vertebrae allowing blood, oxygen, and hydrating fluids to reach the discs in need of healing.  

How Gravity Inversion Tables Work:

Cheap inversion tables use the natural weight of your body along with gravity to create a natural form of traction that increases the space between joints and vertebrae elongating the spine.  Every nerve root exits the spine in the space in between vertebrae.  Over time as out spines compress, this nerves begin to get pinched causing pain and spasms.  By inverting yourself on a cheap inversion table, you not only relieve the symptoms immediately, but you also help the discs get the fluids they need to return to their natural shape.  A healthy disc means less pain from pinched nerves.  

Operating a gravity inversion table is easy.  Simply stand in the unit on the adjustable foot rest and strap your ankles into the device.  Then lay back into the table as you slowly work your way from standing upright, to lying parallel with the ground, and finally laying nearly vertically upside down.  

Benefits Of Cheap Inversion Tables:

There are number of benefits to cheap inversion tables besides the savings.  Although more expensive inversion tables have extra features like oversized padded grips, and automatic seat to table mechanism, cheap inversion tables have all of the potential health benefits.

Cardiovascular - When you lie flat or slightly inverted, you blood pressure naturally decreases because the heart has to work less against gravity to circulate blood to your entire body.  However it’s important to note that those with high blood pressure should use caution when performing inversion therapy as being completely inverted can make it much harder to pump blood up to the legs.  

Strength - Performing regular strength training exercises like ab workouts, arm lifts, and shoulder shrugs on a cheap inversion table adds variety and complexity to the routine.  This can result in working out similar muscle groups harder, or working them out in an entirely different way.

Flexibility -  Since your limbs, joints, and spine is already extended while using an inversion table, doing stretches while inverted can be that much more effective.  Stretching muscles and joints beyond their usual upright limits has a relaxing effect that some people claim to reduce stress.  

The Best Cheap Inversion Tables:

There are many great choices out there on the market, but the best inversion tables are ones that are priced inexpensively, but don’t sacrifice safety or features.  

Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table - The Body Max IT6000 is a cheap inversion table that packs many of the features of higher end devices into a table that is less than $100.  It has spring loaded adjustment pins, variable height settings, and padded assist rails for returning to an upright position.  

Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table - For strength training and flexibility exercises, spending a little more for a sturdy inversion table like the Ironman Gravity 2000 is recommended.  It can withstand 300lbs of weight, has non-slip rubber feet, and a sturdy tubular frame.

Weslo Inversion Flex System - The Weslo inversion flex system is a simple but functional gravity inversion table that is easily collapsible for convenient storage.  

Finding a cheap inversion table that still meets your expectations of quality manufacturing does not have to be a laborious process.  Look for features like adjustable height settings, padded safety bars, and a device that is within your budget and begin experiencing the tremendous benefits of a gravity inversion table.