For most Christians, a baptism is a once in a lifetime occasion that should be celebrated and revered. Baptism invitations should reflect that attitude, and also should have a personal touch that displays the culture of the family beautifully. Sadly, finding cheap invitations for baptism ceremonies is about as easy as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for many people. Luckily, there are some ways to trim costs without having to trim style, novelty, or taste.

One of the newest ways to get cheap invitations for baptism celebrations is to hire a company to make customized bookmarks commemorating the momentous occasion. Bookmarks are tasteful, since they are often very formal in appearance, but they only cost a fraction of the amount it would take to make a card inviting others to the event. Since they are also very useful, the communion or baptism bookmarks will also be treasured by family members for years to come for more reasons than one!

If you are looking for a way to get traditional but cheap invitations for baptism ceremonies, there are some ways to “trim the fat” off of those invites. Here are some of the best tips for keeping your invitations as cheap as possible without making them appear too plain.

  • Don't go for “heavy” paper, and don't buy cards made from specialty paper or cloth. Paper doesn't really matter much when it comes to making an invitation card, since the cards will end up being perfectly preserved in scrapbooks, anyway.
  • Keep the artwork to a minimum. This means that you don't need to have a photo of your child on the card, nor do you need over-the-top custom designs gracing the cover of the invitation. You can still have elegant designs, it's just that they will be in the form of a templates, which brings us to our next point...
  • Buy template baptism invitations. They are much, much cheaper than custom-designed cards as a whole.

Another excellent way to get cheap invitations for baptism ceremonies that are one-of-a-kind is to make them yourself. All you have to do is pay for the supplies, and create your invitations. This is a great way to cut costs if you are artistic, and they will also mean that much more because you made them yourself. Not a real Da Vinci or Picasso? Don't worry, you can use stamps and step-by-step guides to help you make a work of art on every card.

Of course, not everyone has the time, nor the gumption to really work at making custom baptism invitations, especially if you have a hundred or so guests attending. In these cases, your best bet is to find a reliable yet affordable company that can take care of your baptism invitations at a reasonable price.

Many baptism party planners would say that finding a good but cheap invitation printer company is not really possible, but this is just not true. Believe it or not, there are some companies out there that can do that for you without charging an arm and a leg for the service. The only way to really find out much about these companies to to search them out, so what are you waiting for? Start looking for a great new company to print out those swanky new baptism invites today!