Cheap Jester Hats for Sale

Inexpensive and Fun Jester Hats for Sale

Ah, the fun and vibrant world of Jester Hats. The height of bardic fashion, jester hats were once reserved for the official fools of a kingdom's high court. Contrary to popular belief, however, and excepting cases wherein only mentally ill persons were taken on as court jesters, the court's fool actually wielded a tremendous amount of influence and enjoy a certain prestige as well. A true court jester was prized for his razor wit and lightning quick mind. In time, he could even hope to become one of the King's most trusted advisors. Today, Jester hats are more likely to be seen on daring downhill skiers or snowboarders than on mental gymnasts. Nevertheless, the market for jester hats has expanded as these fun and unique pieces of headgear have become symbols of individuality and wild abandon. Jester hats can be bought in a variety of materials, including super warm fleece that make them ideal headgear for use in wintry conditions.

Jester Hats of All Sizes Shapes and Colors

Jester hats are available in a variety of different styles. Some come in the traditional three prong design, with bells on the tip of each extension. Some come decorated in diamonds and other playing card symbols, while others adhere to the strict traditional color pattern of overlapping red and green sections. You can buy jester hats with or without bells. You can even find jester hats that come with attached ear muffs and neck protectors. These particular jester hats are intended for use by downhill skiers and snowboarders that are looking to add some style to the outrageous fortune of high speed downhill sports. If you are planning to venture out and put yourself at the mercy of the slings and arrows of old man winter, you will definitely want to look into jester hats that feature these special warm and fleecy ear and neck extensions.

Jester Hats for Completing That Perfect Costume

If your upcoming holiday or costume party plans call for an appearance by a traveling bard or court jester, you can buy your jester hats ahead of time to add the perfect finishing touch to your period dress. Jester hats are stylish, fun and somewhat wild and perfect for finishing up a frocked costume that features green and red overlapping patches. You can also give jester hats as gifts to the wild and crazy outdoorsmen and women in your life. Even if you don't have a particularly good reason to want one of these hats, even if your only motivation is a growing whimsy that you suspect will soon erupt into wonderfully and deliciously mad rambling, you'd best prepare yourself ahead of time by securing a good stock of appropriate costume accessories. If you and your friends and classmates ever need to carry out a Shakespearean play, these hats will make the perfect accent to authentic costumes that capture the style and culture of the foregone era.