Buying Cheap Kevlar Tape

What Is Kevlar Tape Best Used For?

Kevlar tape has a number of important private and commercial uses that many people wouldn't necessarily think of being associated with the same fabric used to make the world's most effective bullet proof vests. Kevlar tape is in fact used regularly in fields as diverse as boating to sports and aerospace engineering. Kevlar has a number of special properties that make it so widely used and popular for such diverse applications. For one thing, kevlar's weight to strength ratio means that it is many times stronger than steel based upon this metric. Kevlar is also known and loved for its special heat resistant qualities and is generally used to protect against impact, abrasion and intensive heat. Many recreational boaters will used a swath of kevlar tape to reinforce the insides of their kayaks to protect against serious punctures. Kevlar is also used in spaceships!

How Does One Find Cheap Kevlar Tape for Sale?

Cheap kevlar tape for sale is easily found online or in certain army surplus or sporting goods stores. You are likely to find cheap kevlar tape being sold in small rolls that are either 1 or 2 inches wide. There are also rolls of kevlar tape that go up to 3 or 4 inches in width and you can find these rolls for sale at lengths of 25 yards and up. Obviously, the cost of these various rolls of kevlar tape will vary depending on the amount of fabric you're getting once you consider the width and length together, but an average roll of kevlar tape that's, say, 2 inches in width and about 10 yards in length will probably run you around $18. If you've ever needed some special protection or reinforcement for marine projects or specialist protective suits, you can see that kevlar tape is a very reasonable and affordable way to go about getting the protection against abrasion, impact and intense heat that you need.

Kevlar's uses are really only bounded by our imagination. For example, loggers and foresters that spend their day wielding dangerous chainsaws are known to wear kevlar pants, which will provide resistance to a misplaced chainsaw blade and prevent it from going clean through the forester's leg. Kevlar pants are also worn by other industrial workers that spend a good portion of their day around automated cutting tools, in order to prevent a quick slip-up from costing them a limb.

Kevlar is best known for it's flagship usage - in bullet proof vests capable of stopping several small arms bullets and saving their wearer's life. Kevlar achieves this incredible feat by being wound and overlaid again and again in a cross-web pattern such that a great number of kevlar layers form an extremely dense and powerful net. This net is strong enough to absorb the force of an incoming bullet, catch it, and diffuse its force outward in a shockwave. While the wearer will certainly be injured, probably knocked down, and probably have the wind knocked out of them, they will not have been penetrated by the bullet. This is just one small example of this amazing material's strength.