Kids Bowling Balls: The First Question

The first thing you need to ask yourself when considering purchasing a bowling ball for your child is whether they need it. House balls at all bowling alleys are free, but if you've seen your kid struggling with the grip and the release, or waiting in line for the only ball that fits her fingers well, then it's time to take her on a trip to cyberspace to choose the one perfect ball that can give her the confidence she needs on the lanes; it will probably be the best gift you can give your child if she's showing any interest in the game.

Kids Bowling Balls: The Second Question

The second thing you need to consider is how much you're willing to spend on a new ball. There are kids bowling balls starting at about $40 and going all the way up the price ladder to roll to a stop in the low to mid 100s. The amount of passion your kid has for the game should be a good indicator of what you should invest; if she's only keen on bowling because of the cute boys that'll be there at the lanes, don't feel guilty about being frugal. On the other hand, if she's really showing promise in the league games and is talking about her beating her best score all the time, then even if you have to sacrifice something else to get the expensive kind, it will be money well spent.

Kids' Bowling Balls: Get Her Involved In The Experience

When checking out kids' bowling balls on the internet, do have your daughter with you to choose the design? This is much more important than you may think. A personal choice of bowling balls will build an inexplicable bond between your little girl and the silent sphere. Besides, if you're one of those millions of clueless parents that don't know what the new style or trend is on a day to day basis, your pick may be way off the mark; and you don't want a pouting pre-teen on your hands at any cost.

A Brief Look At Kids Bowling Balls

At the bottom of the price spectrum are probably the Brunswick kids' bowling balls. With an impressive range of patterns, this might just be your first and last stop. The TZone Pink Bliss retails at $48.99, as do the Indigo Swirl, the Green Envy and the Black Currant. For a few dollars more you can get Pink Hearts or Polyester Peace, both of which are great bowling balls.

AMF are the next contenders in the kids bowling balls arena. Their $52.99 range of Xtreme glow-in-the-dark bowling balls might just be what your kid has been longing for. One of these cool lane-champions is sure to make her friends ooh and ah when they see it. These phosphorescent power balls with plastic cover stock are recommended for any lane condition from dry to oily, making it perfect for alley-hopping.

A couple of notches up the price ladder are KR's range of cartoon character-based kids bowling balls. Choose from Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer and Shrek the Third in the $75 range, or Madagascar's Alex and Marty, Gloria and Melman or the Penguins in the $98 range; all of these have realistic images that are sure to thrill the crowds at your girl's league games.

On the other side of $100, there are some fantastic kids bowling balls from On The Ball Bowling. Take your pick of Barbie Pink, Barbie Friends Forever, Sponge Bob Birthday, Shrek the Third Princesses or Dora Birthday bowling balls. These bowling balls will have your daughter's friends crowding around to get a chance at using them; it'll get you major points on the 'how popular am I with my kids scale – big time.

If you do manage to choose and buy a ball that your girl loves and will use for a long time to come, you'll be all smiles every time you thank your stars that you made the right choice – for the both of you.