For children that enjoy building and creating things, kids tool benches can come in very handy.  With all of the hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, kids can pretend to construct objects just like they see their dad doing in the garage.  And the good news is that it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to buy a tool bench for your child.  A good new playset and be found rather inexpensively, and your little boy or girl will be able to spend hours using their mind and imagination.  If a birthday or holiday is coming up, or if you simply want to add a toy workbench to your household, here are some cheap kids tool benches available.

Where to Find Cheap Kids Tool Benches

Tool benches for kids can be found in several places, and most people tend to go to the same places when they begin their search.  A mixture of online stores and in-person type locations all have plusses and minuses when it comes to looking for any kind of merchandise.

  • Amazon is always a great place to start.  Several tool benches are made available by the online retailer.  Amazon allows you to search for new and used equipment and gives you a tremendous ability to comparison shop from the comfort of your own home.  Reviews are usually available, and you can typically get details on things like return policies.
  • eBay is another online store that can result in good bargains.  If you do not mind a used workbench for your child, eBay could be your best bet.  The store gives you the ability to speak to the seller and get more details on the purchase.
  • Craigslist can be the easiest of all online methods when it comes to finding any toy.  The sellers that you work with on Craigslist are usually in your area so you have the ability to drive over and pick up the tool bench yourself.  This can allow you to do an inspection to make sure you actually are getting what you want.
  • Toys R Us is of course filled with toys, and that includes workbenches for your kids.  Going to a store in person allows you to get a feel for the bench and lets you see how sturdy and fun the toy might be.  No need to spend money on a gift your child will not even enjoy.
  • Big stores like Walmart and Target can be good places to look, especially if you are looking for a bargain.
  • You can also ask your friends and family if they have an old set they do not use anymore.

12-Tool Kids Tool Bench

12-Tool Cheap Kids Tool BenchCredit: amazon.comThis kids work bench comes with 12 tool, including an electric drill which requires 2 AA batteries.  The tool set is portable and can stand up so the child can hammer and play just as if this bench was in the garage.  The tools can be hung on the back of the bench for tidy storage.  Of course, if your child is going to play with saws, hammer, and drills, it would be helpful if nuts and screws were included, and they are included in this set.  One word of caution is that the legs are plastic, so kids need to be careful not to hammer away too hard, and they especially should not climb on the set.  It is sturdy, just not TOO sturdy.  The tool bench is 29 inches tall, a perfect size for young children of all ages.  When the very inexpensive price is factored in, this kids tool bench should definitely be considered.

Theo Klein Bosch Toy Kids Tool Bench

Theo Klein Bosch Cheap Kids Tool BenchCredit: amazon.comThe Theo Klein Bosch kids tool bench is another fun and sturdy way for kids to use their imagination to build and create using Bosch tools just like they see adults using.  This set has a European design and includes a saw, hammer, vise, wrench and other tools.  The unique aspect of this workbench for kids is that the bench folds down into a convenient carrying case.  This makes for easy storage and portability.  One thing about big toys like this, or kids furniture in general, is that they take up a lot of space.  When they're not in use, they seem to take up even more space.  Being able to collapse this inexpensive toy allows you to be able to hide it away or easily store it in the attic.  Like the 12-tool set above, this bench can hold the tools on the back, just like the real thing.

The Home Depot Carrying Case Kids Tool Bench

Home Depot Carrying Case Cheap Kids Tool BenchCredit: amazon.comThe Home Depot carrying case kids tool bench is another inexpensive way for your child's workbench to be folded up and taken elsewhere.  But that is not the only thing this tool set has going for it.  88 pieces come with the set, including a saw, screwdrivers, a working vise, and measuring calipers, among many other toy tools.  It also comes with a racecar kit, so your son or daughter will have an actual project to complete as soon as they open up the box.  A battery-operated drill also is included, and it works in both forward and reverse.

Guidecraft Kids Tool Bench

Guidecraft Cheap Kids Tool BenchCredit: amazon.comThe Guidecraft kids tool bench is a colorful way to explore the tools that come with these type of workbenches.  The bench is self-contained, as each tool has its own storage space.  It comes with a toy wrench, screwdriver, hammer (which includes a working claw), clamp, t-square, and a vice.  One of the advantages of this toy workbench is that the counter has holes that make for easy use of the screws, bolts, nails, and nuts.  This inexpensive bench also has a drawer that makes space for even more storage.  One thing to note about the Guidecraft workbench is that it might not be a cheap kids tool bench everywhere.  However, as of this writing, it was going for under $40 on Amazon.

All parents want their child to be able to express themselves in a positive manner and in a way that shows off their creativity and personality.  But you also do not want to have to break the bank to do it.  If your child enjoys building things, these cheap kids tool benches could be a great addition to your home.