Christmas Gifts (32657)

It is the middle of November and Christmas is just around the corner. Lots of people are struggling right now just trying to provide their family with the basics. The idea of buying for Christmas may have you terrified especially if you are use to a different lifestyle. We all know that is really not about the gifts that we lavish on our families, but it is about the thought. What most people aren't aware of is that you can give killer, much wanted gifts without destroying your budget. I have seen people struggle to buy things at consignment shops, thrift stores, and even give their own things away because they feel the pressure of Christmas. No one should ever have to feel that way. The pictures above are of eleven gifts that I got for $26.00. That comes out to about $2.36 apiece. That took care of eleven people in my life, and they loved them. Here I will give you some suggestions that may ease the pressure, and the giver can have as much fun as the receiver.

This year, go to places like TJ Max and look at the displays where they sell lotions and soaps. They sell beautifully wrapped very pricey soaps for $3.95 and up. I don't recall ever seeing any as high as $8.00. A couple of these can pad the heck out of a stocking, and she will love it. Stop on your way out and pick up some Ghirardelli Chocolate Candy for a couple of bucks. Then head on over to Kohl's and you can pick up some Daisy Fuentes Thongs for less than $2.00. Next time that you are in Wal-Mart stop by the perfume display rack and usually at the end of the isle is the mini designer fragrances like Red Door and Giorgio for only $6.00. You can even pick up a really cool gel handled brush for $6.00 at Foodlion. Add some oranges mixed in, there is a stocking already complete that she can go to work and brag to her girlfriends about. If you look around you can do this for less than $20.00.

Gift ideas for the under the tree doesn't have to break the bank either. Shop clearance in name brand stores, discount stores, and online. When you walk into these stores head straight for the clearance and try not to look around for at the other stuff. Rugged Warehouse is a fantastic place to get tons of stuff for next to nothing. Last time I was in one, they even had Playboy high heels really cheap. The items that are pictured above came from Rugged Warehouse last year. Go to and check the clearance section. They have shirts as low as $3.00 that are oh so sexy, and dresses that are only $12.00.

Victoria Secrets have bathing suit's really cheap right now on clearance. I found a complete set that was regularly over $40.00 for less than $12.00, and over 20 tops that were less than $10.00. Look under their clearance section at the category labeled beauty and you can find a lot of their signature lotions, perfumes, and products averaging around $5.00. The best gift I ever got from there, and this one is a winner ever time, is their Must Have Mini-Fragrance Gift Set. It cost around $40.00, and it contains each one of their best perfumes. I want it every year and it last me all year long. It is the greatest.

Kohls has wonderful pieces of clothing on clearance right now. They have Vera Wang clothing for less than $15.00. At the time of this article, there was a Vera Wang embellished tunic originally $68.00 on clearance for $13.60 that is absolutely breath-taking. Daisy Fuentes Houndstooth tee is on sale for only $7.20. These make great ladies gifts.

These are just examples for some unique gift ideas for her that you can get, even if you never shopped in these stores before. Cool items like oil fragrances and the holders can be purchased at Wal-Mart for less than $10.00. Fold out hip cosmetic cases are always nice gifts. Burn her a CD with some romantic love songs and use light scribe to put a picture of the two of you on the front of it. Even if you don't have a computer, or you have one without light scribe, more than likely someone you know does. Just use your imagination. I know you guys hate to shop, but if you look around at the clearance sections, you can find gift's that she will actually want for less than you can pick up something that they care nothing about. Now that you have some great ideas, just remember it is not always about the gifts, the presentation it simple too. Most stores will be happy to wrap these presents for you. Just ask in the store if they offer these services.