So, your kitchen is clean, but you can't help but notice that painted wall backsplash, and how it is peeling, and really should have tiles or something funky. But you just can't afford to hire someone to tile it, or update it. You need a cheap kitchen backsplash.

Below are a couple of great ideas that are DIY and affordable.  Peel and Stick or Make Your Own from Scratch!

Peel and Stick is an Affordable Option

Peel and Stick Stone Look for the Backsplash

 So, you go armed with the measurements of the backsplash, and you head to the home improvement store, where they show you tumbled stone tiles that cost more than the kitchen, not to mention someone to install them, and then you turn around and come home, because you realize, just how much this is all going to cost, and figure you will just live with it a while longer and maybe throw another coat of paint on it.

 But there is a cheap kitchen backsplash idea, that is affordable, and looks good when it is done. So, if you don't mind rolling up your sleeves, here is a cheap kitchen backsplash idea, that is only cheap in price. The finished product looks amazing! Totally gives your kitchen that finished look.

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Or Make Your Own Using Drywall Spackle and Tape:

Tub of Drywall Spackle

1/8 inch painters tape

All you need is a tub of drywall spackle and some 1/8 inch painters tape, primer and paint. If you already have the primer and paint, then this will only cost you the drywall spackle and the painters tape. The painters tape needs to be that narrow, to imitate grout lines.

Step 1 - CLEAN!

The first thing you need to do, is really clean the backsplash area, as it tends to get grease etc on it. Once it has been cleaned and dried, take a look at the paint color presently on the backsplash area. If it is a neutral color, then this will work great, as this color will be your grout. If it is a hideous color, you should consider putting on a coat of paint first before going any further, now it is time to create your grid.

Step 2 - Create Your Grid with the Tape

Measure the area, and figure out what size tiles you like. If you like the tiny ones, that is great, but there will be a lot of measuring and tape! You could go for a 4 x 4 inch tile. That size works well for most kitchen backsplashes, or a subway tile style, your decision.

Create a grid of 4 x 4 inch tiles (or size of your choice). Making the first row at the base of the backsplash or at the counter level the full size, if you need to make some smaller make the top row, which is most likely under the upper cabinets, them smaller size. If you were laying real tiles, you would simply cut them to fit here, but you are laying out a grid, so allow for the cut ones.

Now take a pencil and mark the grid on the wall with a ruler, and then take your painters tape and carefully stick it on these lines. Stand back and take a look at this grid, is is straight? Adjust any painters tape if needed. This will give you a good idea of how the fake tiles will look when done.

Step 3 - Spread Drywall Spackle Over Grid

Once you are happy with your laid out grid, you can now take your drywall compound or spackle, and with a scraper, put on a thin coat of spackle all over the tile areas (open areas of your grid). You can make it a bit rough, this will give your fake tiles a tumbled stone look, or you can make it as smooth as you can, but you want to make sure and put it on thick enough to leave a slight layer of spackle.

Once you have put the spackle on the entire grid on your kitchen backsplash, start slowly peeling off the painters tape. You need to do this while it is still wet, or else you risk cracking the newly formed tiles. But be careful peeling it off, or you will pull off too much spackle or splash it on your countertops.

Step 4 - Let Dry

Now let everything dry for a good day. Once you know for sure that the faux tiles are dry, now you can paint them.

If you want a neutral tone, you could actually just take a paint brush and roller and paint the entire backsplash surface with one coat of primer, and then a finish coat. This would make the tiles and the grout all the same color, but the faux tiles would still show and it would look good with the tile texture.

Or you can single out each tile and paint it. This looks amazing too! You could put a different bright color on each tile for a really trendy look, or just to add a splash of color to your kitchen. You could then add accessories to your kitchen to match the bright colors on the fake tiles.

Step 5 - Paint

It will work better if you can take a paint brush and paint primer on each tile first, then your color will sit on top of the primer and really pop.

You could also take a sponge and sponge different tones of gray and rust on each tile for a more granite looking tile. You can use all kinds of faux finishes on these faux tiles.

These faux tiles will not be sticking very much off the wall, but the 3D effect of the tiles. works well. You can always change the colors of your cheap kitchen backsplash tiles anytime you want. If you tend to get a lot of splashes of water, and grease on your backsplash, you could add one coat of clear varnish for extra protection.

So, if you are really stuck with something to install on your backsplash, and you just don't want to spend the money right now, and don't mind rolling up your sleeves, this works really well. The drywall compound or spackle creates a tile and depending on the surface texture you make it, it can look like tumbled stone.

Another great look, with these fake tiles, is to use a sea sponge on them before they dry, this will give the fake tiles some depth. You can have a cheap kitchen backsplash that doesn't have to look cheap. This is a great way to protect the wall, and is durable. The 1/8" painters tape, creates a grout line between the tiles that also helps to make them look real. So, try this cheap kitchen backsplash idea to update your space.

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